Inside Johnny Depp's $10.9M Real Estate Empire

 Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's divorce case received much attention lately. The two are likely to end on bad terms as Depp has sold the 5 penthouses they lived in together. Let's take a tour of the massive condos.

1. The Eastern Columbia Building

Inside Johnny Depp's $10.9M Real Estate Empire_1

Johnny Depp's $10.9 million five-unit apartment is set in The Eastern Columbia Building in downtown LA, covering an area of 11,500 square feet. It is the place where Depp lived with his ex-wife Amber Heard during their marriage.

2. The Entrance

Inside Johnny Depp's $10.9M Real Estate Empire_2

Designed in Art Deco style, this thirteen-story Eastern Columbia Building is referred to as the Art Deco Jewel of the West. Just standing in front of the gate, you can sense the luxury of the golden age.

3. A Corridor

Inside Johnny Depp's $10.9M Real Estate Empire_3

A corridor is just off the entrance filled with dark green velvet sofa and oil paintings. We can imagine Depp coming home in the afternoon and fiddling with his camera here.

4. The Kitchen

Inside Johnny Depp's $10.9M Real Estate Empire_4

The dining area is painted olive green with rustic vintage chandeliers, while the kitchen side is filled with modern metal cabinets. Although the two styles are far from each other, they work surprisingly well together.

5. An Artistic Living Room Wall

Inside Johnny Depp's $10.9M Real Estate Empire_5

Depp often shows his whimsy in room designs, such as this entertainment room wall painted with a Mural by a Brazilian street artist.

6. A Sitting Area

Inside Johnny Depp's $10.9M Real Estate Empire_6

The brown-dominated sitting area showcases Depp's Rock 'n' Roll spirit. He even put an iron trolly to give the room a Pirates of the Caribbean feel.

7. A Reading Corner

Inside Johnny Depp's $10.9M Real Estate Empire_7

This cozy reading corner provides a quiet place for the actor to enjoy some time alone and find his inner self.

8. The Master Bedroom

Inside Johnny Depp's $10.9M Real Estate Empire_8

The master bedroom wall is dominated by different shades of blues. Paired with orange pillows and blankets, the whole room gives a mixed sense of vibrancy and calmness.

9. The Bathroom

Inside Johnny Depp's $10.9M Real Estate Empire_9

The toilet, decorated in black and brown, looks more stately than the other rooms. But the zebra-like animals on the walls bring a touch of spirit to the space.

10. The Façade And Pool

Inside Johnny Depp's $10.9M Real Estate Empire_10

On the upper level of the Eastern Columbia Building is an open-air pool where you can watch the sunset over Los Angeles. Turn around and you will catch a glimpse of the famous four-sided clock tower.


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