Tour Inside Sean Combs' $6.5M LA House


Tour Inside Sean Combs' $6.5M LA House_14

Hip-hop mogul Sean Combs has long moved out of the LA home where he and his family once lived and has recently sold this massive mansion for $6.51 million. Let's have a tour inside the grand house!

1. The Two-Story Home

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Set on half an acre in one of Toluca Lake's most prestigious neighborhoods, this $6.51 million house has six bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. It is said to be the most magnificent house in the San Fernando Valley.

2. The Foyer

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As soon as you step inside the house, you'll see a two-story foyer with a gallery level. Black and white ceramic tiles echo the style of the staircase, simple and elegant.

3. The Living Room

Tour Inside Sean Combs' $6.5M LA House_17

The spacious cream-colored living room has a fireplace and built-in furniture. Multiple French windows let in sunlight, making the whole room bright and comfortable.

4. The Kitchen

Tour Inside Sean Combs' $6.5M LA House_18

The kitchen also continues the simple style of the sitting room. The black and white floor tiles match with white cabinets. Three ceiling lights hang down, giving the room a bit of a bar feel.

5. The Chandelier

Tour Inside Sean Combs' $6.5M LA House_19

The corridor on the second floor resembles a ballroom, and the fan-shaped window gives a sense of sanctity. Standing here with a chandelier in full view, you will feel like a princess getting ready for the ball.

6. The Master Bedroom

Tour Inside Sean Combs' $6.5M LA House_20

The master bedroom is as spacious as the others and has floor-to-ceiling windows to accentuate the great views. There is a small balcony where you can enjoy your tea time when the weather is pleasant.

7. The Bathroom

Tour Inside Sean Combs' $6.5M LA House_21

The bathroom is painted lilac, and the washbasin stand is equipped with multiple drawers for storing different toiletries. There is also a neat platform opposite the bathtub where you can put your computer and watch videos while having a bath.

8. The Media Room

Tour Inside Sean Combs' $6.5M LA House_22

The media room can be used as a simple cinema. You can sit on a fuzzy rug and enjoy a movie, either by yourself or with your family.

9. The Backyard

Tour Inside Sean Combs' $6.5M LA House_23

The backyard consists of a patio and a swimming pool. This place is pretty much the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail party with old friends in the summer.

10. The Patio

Tour Inside Sean Combs' $6.5M LA House_24

The retro-style patio is complete with black beams and Roman columns tangled with vines. Nearby are four big doors that allow you in and out of the house at any time.

11. The Pool

Tour Inside Sean Combs' $6.5M LA House_25

Opposite the patio, a swimming pool and a spa area are surrounded by various greenery. On sunny days, one can enjoy the LA breeze here.

12. The Basketball Court

Tour Inside Sean Combs' $6.5M LA House_26

There is a small basketball court surrounded by trees. It allows you to get some exercise when you don't want to go to a public gym.


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