Top 10 Most Memorable Tom Hardy Movies

 Tom Hardy is considered one of Hollywood’s most mysterious and unpredictable stars. He’s always up to play unusual characters and ready to take risks with ambiguous and charismatic roles, like Eddie Brock or Charles Bronson.

Our favorite British heartthrob celebrated his 45th anniversary on September 15, so it’s only fair to remind you of his top 10 most memorable movies.

1. Bronson (2008)

Hardy won the “Best Actor” nomination for the British Independent Film Award for his portrayal of Charles Bronson in the eponymous movie. To prepare for the role of Bronson, the actor gained 19 kg for a more realistic image of the most famous and cruelest prisoner in Great Britain.

2. Warrior (2011)

This film is considered one of the best in Hardy’s filmography. Here the actor plays an ex-soldier who returns home from the war and pursues a career as a UFC fighter. But this somehow leads to a sibling rivalry, as they both compete in a national competition.

3. Peaky Blinders (2013)

In the crime-drama series, Tom played the leader of the Jewish criminal group Alfie Solomons, who’s actually based on a real historical character. The audience loved Alfie, but some viewers had a hard time putting their finger on whether he was a comedy relief or a serious character.

4. Locke (2014)

The events of this movie take place overnight and are almost entirely filmed within the confines of an SUV. The plot focuses on the emotional journey of Ivan Locke as he travels from London to Birmingham for the birth of his child. Hardy’s haggard face holds focus for every second of his intense 85-minute performance, conveying a depth of grief, regret, and confusion. This is one of those convoluted movies you won’t understand until you watch it the second time.

5. Legend (2015)

In “Legend,” Hardy played two twin brothers, Reggie and Ronnie Kray. These two were iconic figures in the British crime underground of the 1960s and led the East End’s most powerful gang. It’s one of the movies that brought Hardy a “Best Actor” award.

6. Mad Max Fury Road (2015)

The post-apocalyptic flick with Tom Hardy is the fourth in a series of cult classics about Max Rockatansky. Max and some rebels flee the Citadel to escape the cruel tyrant  Immortal Joe. Naturally, Hardy played the titular role, continuing in Mel Gibson’s footsteps, w—ho played the character in the previous films.

7. Dunkirk (2017)

This war drama is based on events that occurred at the beginning of World War II. The plot revolves around the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of British, French, and Belgian soldiers surrounded by the Germans in the area of the city of Dunkirk. The enemy is advancing, and with every minute, the chances of salvation are getting slimmer. Tom Hardy got a very dramatic role as the British pilot Farrier, but that also meant he had to emote using only his eyes most of the time.

8. Tinker Tailor Spy (2011)

Former British intelligence agent George Smiley leads the undercover investigation to expose a Soviet spy who has infiltrated the intelligence service. By the way, the role of the charming MI6 agent Ricky Tara, who seduced the wife of a Soviet spy, went to Hardy by sheer coincidence, as the producer noticed his resemblance to a young Robert Redford.

9. Venom (2018)

Tom Hardy plays the inquisitive journalist Eddie Brock, who wants to prove the rumors about a strange creature from space by sneaking into a secret facility and getting attacked by a pool of black sludge. Thus Venom finds himself a host, giving Eddie superpowers but in return demanding to eat bad guys. Now the Eddie/Venom duo must save the planet from all the other symbiotes!

10. Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Tom Hardy also played in Christopher Nolan’s TDK trilogy, but it is difficult to recognize the charismatic lad on the screen because he only drops his terrible mask at the end. Yes, this is one of those “you have to emote with your eyes the whole time” movies. It’s a story of a dark and broody superhero who took responsibility for the crimes of his close friend, District Attorney Harvey Dent. Now Batman must face the villain Bane, played by Hardy, and once again prove to the city that he is the protector they deserve.


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