22 Car Cleaning Tricks Local Dealers Don't Want You to Know



Car cleaning doesn't need to be an expensive process. However, it seems a mammoth task for the individual due to the high cost of various cleaning products. Yet it is unnecessary when you know there are many innovative, low cost and natural ways to get your car clean. We have collected several car cleaning tips and tricks that will help you make the car cleaning process a breeze. These 22 tips will help get your car clean in no time. Let’s get started!

1. Clean Your Air Vents Quickly For Under $1


You can get these foam brushes for less than a dollar. They are the best tool to quickly remove any dirt hiding in the air vents. Make sure you dust first, and vacuum after.

2. Clean Your Headlights With Toothpaste


You can shine up your headlight covers in minutes with a non-gel toothpaste. Just put the toothpaste on the lens, scrub, rinse off, and dry. Voila, a brand new headlight.

3. Use A Coffee Filter To Wipe Down Your Car Interior


Dusting is pretty easy, but not if you have a cloth that spreads lint everywhere. The coffee filter is made with lint-free features, so the dust will adhere to the filter. You can also use the filter for the entire interior of your car.

4. Get Your Carpet Clean Again For Less Than $1


One of the trickiest car cleaning processes can be removing the stubborn carpet stains. Well, this 2 ingredient carpet stain remover can be a lifesaver. Fill a bottle 1/3 full with hydrogen peroxide and then fill the rest with water. So you can make a batch of this for less than a dollar!

5. How To Clean Your Floor Mats


Don't use a car detailer to clean your floor mats, since you can do the same job at home, in a money-saving way. First apply a stain remover (as mentioned before) to help loosen the tough stains, then wash them on a gentle cycle with detergent.

6. Clean Your Car Windows With Newspaper


If you have dirty windows, this is the perfect life hack for you. Crumble your least favorite newspaper up in a ball. Spray your car's window with a run of the mill window cleaner. Then wipe your window clean with the balled up newspaper.

7. Take Off Bumper Stickers With WD-40


Bumper stickers have super sticky glue, so it’s not easy to take them off without peeling off some paint. But with WD-40, it's no longer a problem. Just spray some WD-40 on the sticker, wait until it soaks into the sticker, and then peel.

8. Banish Hair From Your Seats


Do you have a dog that sheds? Have you ever tried to get their hair out of the car? Vacuuming seems helpful, but it's never enough. Now all you need is a small spray bottle of water and a squeegee. Spray the water on the seats, and squeegee the seats. All the hair would be gone completely.

9. Buff Your Dash With Olive Oil


Have a bottle of olive oil handy in your house? You can use it to polish your car's interior. Take a tiny bit of the oil, put it on a cloth, rub it in circles on your seats or on the dashboards.

10. Get A Great-Smelling Car With Baking Soda


Pets, food, clothes, can all lead to bad odors in your car, but it's easy to restore it to a fresh scent. Just take some baking powder and spread it over the seats, let it sit for hours, then vacuum clean.

11. Clean Your Car's Vinyl And Leather With A Magic Eraser


If you have gross stains on your vinyl and leather seats, don't you worry. You can fix this chore in a jiff. One method is to use a wet magic eraser and scrub the spots gently. The other method is to mix up 1/4 cup olive oil and 1/4 cup white vinegar. Rub the liquid gently into your seats, then wipe clean with a rag.

12. Bleach Your Wheels With A DIY Green Cleaner


DIY the cleaner at home. You will need 1/2 cup of baking soda, 2 cups of warm water, 1 tablespoon of Dawn dish soap. Mix the ingredients together. Spray your tires with water, then gently scrub it with a sponge (dipped in the mixed ingredients). Rinse starting from the top down, then dry.

13. Remove Bugs With A Dryer Sheet

12 Car Cleaning Tricks Local Dealers Don't Want You to Know_14

Here is an easy way to get bugs off your car: First, wet the area where the bugs are located. Next, scrub the area gently with a dryer sheet until the bugs are removed. Apply the car wax remover if necessary.

14. Clean Up Set-In Cup Holders With A Sock

12 Car Cleaning Tricks Local Dealers Don't Want You to Know_15

Cleaning up the set-in cup holders in your car may be easier than you thought. Just take an old sock you don't use anymore, soak it with any cleaner like an all-purpose cleaner or even a window cleaner, then put it in the cup holder and twist it around until the stains are wiped away.

15. Remove The Road Salt With White Vinegar

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Road salt left on your car can ruin the paint and even cause rust in the finish. To avoid such problems, mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, then spray on the slat, and rub it off with a white rag.

16. Keep Your Car Clean With DIY Cleaning Wipes

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Instead of buying expensive car cleaning wipes, you can make your own that clean well and also smell great. Mix up 3 tablespoons of almond oil, 3/4 cup distilled water, and 1/2 cup vinegar. Cut a roll of paper towels in half, removing the roll in the middle. Put the paper towels in the mixture and shake to coat the paper towels. There you have a set of DIY car cleaning wipes. Sounds pretty easy, uh?!

17. Remove Embedded Gunk With A Clay Bar

12 Car Cleaning Tricks Local Dealers Don't Want You to Know_18

Washing can remove the surface dirt, but clay-barring is the only way to clear away the embedded stuff. Buy a clay bar kit, which includes several pieces of synthetic clay and a lubricating spray. Follow the instructions and you will pluck the build-up out all by yourself.

18. Remove Melted Wax With An Iron

12 Car Cleaning Tricks Local Dealers Don't Want You to Know_19

Candles, crayons or other wax products melt in your car's seat or carpet? No worries, as you only need an iron to remove the dried-on gunk. Just place a piece of paper over the stain, then iron the paper. The heat from the iron will break up the hard wax and it will go into the paper.

19. Remove The Tar From Your Car With Mayo Or Peanut Butter

12 Car Cleaning Tricks Local Dealers Don't Want You to Know_20

Did you know that you can easily remove the tar from your car with mayo or peanut butter? Pick your available ingredient and apply a small amount on the tar, then wait for 10 minutes before wiping it off with a cloth.

20. Keep Your Car Interior Clean With Baby Wipes

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Baby wipes are similar to the store-bought or DIY wipes, and they are gentle on most car interiors. You can use a baby wipe to clean the dashboard, the steering wheel, and other surfaces.

21. Get All The Dust Out Of Nooks With A Gummy Gel Cleaner

12 Car Cleaning Tricks Local Dealers Don't Want You to Know_22

The gummy gel cleaner can pick up dust and dirt in hard to reach places like car vents and dashes. While they are available in stores, you can also make one at home and save money.

22. Clean Your Blades With Rubbing Alcohol

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If your windshield wiper blades get dirty, you can use a dry cloth or paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove the dirt.

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