The Best Behind The Scenes Teen Drama Scandals

 Teen drama shows are a guilty pleasure for many of us, because let’s be honest – we all love a good piece of drama every now and then. It’s like somehow watching someone else struggle with everyday life things makes your own struggles less bad. And while you could say that this is all scripted and written by people that get paid good money to come up with those storylines, there’s usually also a good portion of drama involved behind the scenes. Let’s take a look at some teen drama shows that didn’t quite manage to keep the drama in front of the camera.


When Kat, played by Barbie Ferreira, barely made an appearance in season two, nobody understood what was up. Kat was one of the more popular characters and suddenly got put way on the backseat. Turns out the actress had a disagreement over her character arc with the writers, leading to a situation where they could barely stand to work with each other. It’s clearly not a situation that got better, as we already know that she’s not coming back for season three.


Two Riverdale actresses were caught in a bit of a storm when they accused Cosmopolitan of photoshopping their waistlines to look smaller. They issued a statement and got tons of support from their fellow cast members and people in general, since photoshopping women really isn’t a nice thing to do.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

You’d think nothing went wrong during the filming of Buffy with the cast in that show being pretty much stable over the decade or so that the show ran. In 2021 that illusion was lifted, however. Charisma Carpenter accused Whedon of being a nightmare and abusing his power over her, even going as far as threatening to fire her when she was pregnant and calling her fat. Oof.

One Tree Hill

Mark Schwahn, who wrote and produced the show, sexually harassed two of the writers on the show – in words and in actions. Actresses also came forward after the allegations were made public and pretty much the entire cast has shown their support for the women involved by now. Mark hasn’t had much of a career to speak of ever since the allegations were made public, which we can only see as a good thing.


Allison Mack was cute and sweet in Smallville, but ended up being a lead recruiter for NXIVM and was sentenced to 3 years in prison. She was already in the cult when she was starring in Smallville, which does beg the question how you can star in a show about Superman growing into the most noble superhero you can think of and recruit for a sex cult as a side hustle.

Vampire Diaries

Four female cast members were arrested in Georgia, caught dangling from a bridge and flashing cars. The actresses have denied the allegations but there are mugshots so something definitely happened. I guess as far as shenanigans go this is pretty innocent.

Beverly Hills 90210

Shannon Doherty was notoriously hard to work with and got fired from pretty much every show she ever starred in, but nothing beats her Beverly Hills 90210 shenanigans. Her and Jenny Garth had arguments pretty much all the time and even got close to physically fighting each other on one occasion. Other cast members had to pull them apart to prevent worse.


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