10 Celebrities Who Pollute the Environment the Most

 If there’s any vehicle that hurts the environment, it’s a jet plane. And people have been flying jets left, right, and center, especially the powerful and famous of this world. Jets can emit ridiculous amounts of CO2 in a very short time. Basically, every trip these celebrities take on their fancy planes slowly kills the environment.

To put some numbers into perspective, an average car emits around seven metric tonnes of CO2 in a year, while a private jet can reach numbers over 8000 tonnes! Maybe if we ask these celebs nicely, they will stop flying out to buy pizza or throw a party every other day. Probably not, though, but at least you’ll know who to blame. It’s crucial to realize that even though their carbon footprint is but a drop in the bucket, compared to factories, the bucket we live in is not bottomless.

1. Travis Scott – 3,030 tonnes of CO2

The first entry on this list is Kyle Jenner’s partner Travis Scott. This famous musician has been quite busy traveling and accumulated over 3,030 tonnes of CO2 just in 2022.

2. Oprah Winfrey – 3,500 tonnes of CO2

Not surprised to see Oprah Winfrey here. Her frequent jet flights this year, of which there were almost 70, have emitted around 3,500 tonnes of CO2. Do you know how many minutes it takes to fly from Van Nuys to Santa Barbara (both in California, by the way)? Fifteen minutes!

3. Mark Wahlberg – 3,770 tonnes of CO2

The one and only Marky Mark, aka Mark Wahlberg, has made over one hundred flights in his private jet this year. These trips, ranging in duration from 29-minute to several-hour flights, emitted 3,770 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

4. Kim Kardashian – 4,270 tonnes of CO2

If anyone on this list feels entitled to travel by private jet, it’s Kim K. So far, in 2022, Kim has made 57 flights, with the emissions rounding up to 4,270 tonnes of CO2. Even a short 38-minute flight generates around 3 tonnes of CO2.

5. Steven Spielberg – 4,470 tonnes of CO2

The legendary film director’s jet plane has been quite busy this year. Spielberg has made 61 flights which emitted over 4,470 tonnes of CO2. His shortest flight was an 18-minute trip from Amsterdam to Rotterdam.

6. Blake Shelton – 4,500 tonnes of CO2

Even though you probably have no idea who Blake Shelton is, he has his own private jet, and he doesn’t mind using it. In 2022 Gwen Stefani’s husband made 111 flights, the shortest of which was a 27-minute trip from Van Nuys to San Diego.

7. A-Rod – 5,345 tonnes of CO2

Why is a baseball player, and Jennifer Lopez’s ex-fiancé, the 4th highest private jet abuser among celebrities? He accumulated nearly 5,345 tonnes of CO2 from zooming all over the US.

8. Jay-Z – 6,980 tonnes of CO2

The third highest CO2 emitter on this list is Jay-Z, a famous rapper and even more famous Beyoncé’s husband. Those 136 flights he made since January injected over 6,980 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

9. Floyd Mayweather – 7,077 tonnes of CO2

At number two, we have the legendary boxer with more than 7,077 tonnes of CO2 emitted in 2022. To illustrate just how much Mayweather has traveled, let’s look at the average number of flights he has taken. Oh wow, the data says it’s 25 flights per month, which means there were months when he used his jet more than once per day. That’s crazy, of course, but not as crazy as our final litterbug.

10. Taylor Swift – 8,300 tonnes of CO2

It is official: the celebrity who has generated the most pollution in 2022 is Taylor Swift. She dwarfs the competition with a whopping total of 8,230-ish tonnes of CO2 that her jets produced during 170+ flights. And now you know!

Source: brainberries.co

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