Yep, You Can Be A Vintage Icon By Learning 7 Lip Makeup Tricks


Step 1. Smooth Away Dead Skin Cells

smooth your lips

Can you imagine your dry lips with a matte red lipstick? Making sure that your lips are in good condition is the most important thing.

smooth your lips

Hydrating your lips will keep them from cracking and keep the color in place all day. To get the perfect result, smooth away dead skin cells using a lip scrub to exfoliate and smooth the dry skin.


Recommendations: We recommend using Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, or Bliss Sugar Lip Scrub.

Step 2. Always Moisturize Your Lips

How do you keep your lips hydrated and soft after applying lip scrub? Moisturizing is the key.

moisturize your lipsmoisturize your lips

This allows the conditioner to absorb into your lips. Tip: Using lip cream/balm which contains avocado, vitamin E or olive oil can improve the lip’s moisture level and softness.


Recommendations: You can try makeup artist-favorite Cold Cream Lip Balm by Avéne, Fresh Sugar Lip Balm, or Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1.

Step 3. Cover Up

cover up your lips

Use lip concealer to cover up the line around your mouth, and make sure that it blends in with the rest of the skin well. Then we can continue the next step.


Recommendations: Nars, M.A.C, and Revlon are popular choices for lip concealer

Step 4. Line Your Lip

line your lips

Important: lip liner is the most important part of the vintage red lip makeup. It helps to emphasize your lip shape, and keeps the edge of your lips looking clean and well defined.

lip liner

Apply your pencil to the highest point of your cupid’s bow, and follow your lip line. Be sure you are using the pencil right on the top of your natural lip line.


Recommendations: try Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, M.A.C, or Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil.

Step 5. Fill In

fill in with lipstick

You can either use your lip liner to fill in the rest of your lips before applying a layer of lipstick on top, or just go straight to lipstick. But, remember to use a matte lipstick. Celeb makeup artist Anderson has said, "The more matte the texture, the longer it’s going to last."


Just rub your brush into the matte lipstick beginning at the outer corner of the upper lip and working towards the center. Repeat this process from the opposite corner. Be sure that you’ve drawn cleat to the corners of both lips, and your mouth must be slightly open during the process.


Recommendations: M.A.C Ruby Woo, Dior Red Lipstick, Tom Ford Cherry Lush.

Step 6. Blot, Blot, and Blot!


Take a tissue, or blotting paper, and place it between your lips to blot the color and remove any excess pigment sitting on top of your lips. Then apply another layer of lipstick.

Step 7. Clean Up

clean up

Clean up the edge of your lipstick or smudges with a Q-tip. Then, use a flat concealer brushto trace around your lips to perfect the line.


Recommendations: Sephora Flat Concealer Brush, Nars Flat Brush, or ELF Cosmetics Flat Brush are popular choices.

Then you’re done! Enjoy your perfect red lip makeup!

red lips

PARTY TIME: Retro Rocks

You may feel confused of how to perfectly go show off your bright, vintage lips. Thankfully, Taylor Swift is an icon of this classic vintage look. Check out her fashion styles below, and get inspired by her outfits.

The iconic flower patterned dress is the symbol of vintage. You can try some bright colors like yellow, green, red or just pure color with flowers on it. ⬇

flower patterned dress

Another choice is vintage top with skirt. A white shirt, a short sleeved knit shirt, or a crop-top with an A-line skirt was a quite common look in the last century. ⬇

vintage top with skirt

If you have no idea how to choose a coat in the colder seasons, then try a colorful plaid coat.It can increase the vintage feeling of your look, and also keep you warm. ⬇

a colorful coat

Do not forget vintage accessories! A headscarf is one of the most iconic vintage accessories. It can perfectly match with almost any clothing and it highlights your overall look. ⬇


Well, have you got any inspirations from this guide? Make sure you have learned 7 red lip makeup tricks first, and then try some vintage looks like Taylor Swift. I believe you too can be a vintage Hollywood icon!


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