30 Healthy Foods That Are Making You Fat

 As we all know, staying away from junk food is a necessary first step towards losing weight. However, some seemingly "healthy" foods you eat instead are with higher calories, fat, and sugar content than you'd anticipate. Here we have these 30 healthy foods that are making you fat.

1. Yogurt

Yogurt with high calories is regarded as food that is not healthy for people. But the Yogurt with only 100 calories contains so much sugar. The daily sugar recommended for women is about 25 grams and 37.5 grams for men. You had better check the content of sugar when purchasing yogurt later.


2. Veggie Burgers

As we all know, vegetables are very healthy, while the veggie burgers are entirely different from vegetables. However, more and more restaurants that offer the veggie burgers with lots of oils, butter, fried onion, and cheese. Next time when you want to have a veggie burger, tell them to put light cheese and more fresh vegetables on top.


3. Smoothies

Smoothie is a kind of quick snack or desert which includes fruit juice, fruit, crushed ice and frozen yogurt. All the ingredients mentioned above contain so much sugar that makes the smoothie a kind of unhealthy food. You had better limit your smoothie that only contain unsweetened frozen fruit and ice, milk.


4. Avocado

Avocado is a kind of superfood which contains nutrients, fiber, antioxidants and essential monounsaturated fats. But it contains so many good elements; it is unhealthy for people since it also has calorie and fat dense. We suggest that you use the whipped guac to take the place of the guacamole.


5. Whole Milk

Undoubtedly, milk is very healthy for people. It is a kind of drink which contains great calcium, protein, vitamin A and D. As for the whole milk; one glass contains about 8 grams of fat and 150 calories. The healthier choice for people is to get the skim or lower fat milk instead.


6. Cheese

Cheese, similar to milk, contains a great source of calcium and protein. However, it is a kind of unhealthy food which has great calorie and fat dense. What you should do is to cut down in portion size and get rid of the low fat cheeses. Just get the cheese which contains fatty acids that help you burn fat.


7. Whole Wheat Bread

Most people regard the whole wheat bread as the very healthy food. Because it is made from the bleached flour, the whole wheat bread is also unhealthy for the body. With the extremely processed grains, people will digest it very quickly and make the sugar spike. The best choice to keep healthy is to choose the "100% whole grains" package.


8. Tofu

Tofu, considered to be one of the most popular foods in China, is similar to the veggie burgers. Most dishes made of tofu use lots of oil to cook. If you want to have the healthy food, you need to cut back on the oil when preparing tofu in the skillet.


9. Burritos

Most people love burritos. It is easy to wrap lots of healthy ingredients into one convenient package. But most people don't know how much calories the burritos contain. The calories of a burrito from Chipotle are about 300. You’d better get a whole grain tortilla instead if you want the tortilla.


10. Cereal

Cereal, a kind of material that can be used for breakfast, can start your day with fiber, protein, and whole grain. However, with the nutrition you can get above, you can also fill your stomach with a great amount of sugar. That’s very unhealthy. You had better read the instructions and nutrition proportion of the cereal you want to buy.


11. Sushi

Undoubtedly, the fish is very healthy for people, and the raw fish have few calories and lots of protein. However, the sushi you have at the restaurant are made up of the fried shrimp, cream cheese, and white rice, which will become unhealthy. Choose the sushi with low fatty ingredients later.


12. Coffee

It is known to all that most staffers like to drink cups of coffee at work. Coffee can prevent disease because it contains lots of health benefits. However coffee will become unhealthy if you add whole milk and flavored syrups in it. How to make a healthier choice? You need to choose the black coffee with low calorie and sugar.


13. Salad

The salad is our favorite food, right? Great greens and veggies make it a good meal choice for most people. But you need to be careful if you want to order a salad at the restaurant because there will be more added materials like fried tortillas, cheese in the salad.


14. Frozen Fruit

As we all know, fresh fruit is very healthy for the body, right? However, the frozen fruit at the grocery store will be added more sugar to keep it sweet. Make sure to check the nutrition when you choose the frozen fruit at the store. The healthier choice will be that just freeze the fruit you won't use in an air-tight baggie.


15. Ground Turkey

It is suggested that not all the ground turkey is created equal. The regular ground turkey usually has fatty and dark meat mixed with some healthier, leaner meat. It will be good for people to check how lean the meat on the package is when buying the ground turkey at the store.


16. Ketchup

Ketchup tastes good since it is extremely low in calories and fat and has rich vitamin A and C. But it is not healthy for people because it provides lots of sugar. The best way to eat the ketchup is to go light on the ketchup and add not so much when making a dish.


17. Canned Soup

Soup, undoubtedly, is healthy for people. It contains low in calories and has so much lean meats and vegetables. As for the canned soup, it may be unhealthy for people since it has highly processed ingredients and high in sodium. Just choose the canned soup with the label of low sodium.


18. Applesauce

Of course, the Apple will be healthy for people because it has high in fiber and vitamin C. The main ingredient of applesauce is apple. However, the applesauce bought from the store has so much sugar to attract the customers. If you want to eat the applesauce, choose the unsweetened applesauce instead.


19. Omelettes

Eggs are great nutritious food which contains great protein, choline, and vitamin D. It will be bad when used to make an omelette because the eggs are fried and added with fatty dairy, fried potatoes, and meat. Next time you want to have an omelette, make the veggies as the main ingredient.


20. Energy Bars

Energy bars are considered to be quick, convenient and healthy snacks by people. The significant advantage of the energy bars is to spike your blood sugar and get back your energy in minutes because they are rich in carbs and sugar. Next time when you need power, choose the low sugar energy bars.


21. Iced Tea

Tea has a long history and is considered to be very healthy for the body. It Has antioxidant which can help people prevent disease. However, the iced tea will be different since it is high in sugar. Choose the unsweetened iced tea instead at the store.


22. Wraps

People all think that wraps are healthy enough to make sandwiches. While it is unhealthy with high calories up to 200, 400 mg of sodium and 6 grams of fat. The ingredients will be elevated in these elements when added in other sandwich fixings.


23. Tuna Salad

Tuna is healthy. When you use the canned tuna, it contains protein dense which has almost 40 grams of protein per 180 calories. It will be bad for your health when it's made into the salad. Choose the low fat and calories of tuna salad if you want to have it.


24. Gluten Free Foods

As we all know, many gluten free food has taken the place of the gluten content (barley, wheat) with unhealthy ingredients. But such grains are always processed which will make your blood sugar spike. Just avoid the highly processed foods when consuming a gluten-free diet.


25. Trail Mix

It is common that there will be sugar and chocolate added in the trail mix to improve the taste, which will be bad for people's health. The level of the calories and sugar will be higher than the ones without any adding. Remember to look for the low sugar trail mix to keep healthy.


26. Red Wine

Alcohol, if you drink it properly, can reduce the risk of several types of diseases. Similar to the red wine which can also be good disease fighters because it is high in antioxidants. Excessive alcohol consumption will result in diseases and threatening. Try to use smaller glasses to limit your consumption.


27. Chocolate

With moderate use, chocolate especially the dark chocolate can be used to fight disease. The only problem is that it has significant calories and fat dense. As for the milk chocolate, it will have more sugar and fewer antioxidants. You had better choose the dark chocolate with little sugar.


28. Fruit

Fruit is a kind of material that is good for health since it is high in nutrients, fiber, and a variety of vitamins. It is low in calories when it comes to some types of fruits. But lots of fruits are very high in sugar which will be bad for health. Anything with too much sugar will be a bad thing.


29. Nuts

The nut is very high in protein, fiber and fatty acids which are good for our body. But the calories and fat dense contained in the nuts will make it a bad food. Next time if you want to take the nuts as snacks you need to choose the low fat nuts and control the nutrition portion.


30. Dried Fruit

Even fruits are more or less bad for health, not to say the dried fruit. There will be more sugar-dense contained in the dried fruit. As we know, the water has been sucked out of the dried fruit; it has six times more sugar than the fresh fruit. You had better eat less dried fruit if you want to keep healthy.

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