14 Fast Food You Should Never Order According To The Staff

 Fast food could be both nonnutritive and unwholesome. Here we have listed 14 fast food you should never order according to the staff.


1. Petrol Station Slurpees

The inside of a machine filled with frozen sugar is hard to clean. Take from that what you will.


2. KFC BBQ Sandwiches

Chicken is not fatty and stringy like pork. So it’s soaked in a highly sugary juice and left for a while. Then, there comes pulled chicken.


3. Einstein Bro.'s Eggs

To be frank, do not order anything containing eggs from a fast food joint because they are powdered and reconstituted.


4. Chipotle Quesarito

Only order this if it's 4 am, and you're the only loser in the place.


5. Wendy's Chilli

The meat in the Chilli is from the old dry meat that is hacked off the grill and put into a warming draw until there is enough to make a batch of Chilli. Then, it is put in the freezer and defrosted the next day...


6. Taco John's Beans

Add water to reconstituted beans to stop them drying out. That's what you have got.


7. Dunkin' Donuts Doughnuts

They turn up frozen in the back of trucks. Then, they're reheated. Sorry.


8. Panera Pasta

All those fresh ingredients used at Panera are frozen.


9. Taco Bell Steak and Beans

The staff 'make' the beans by adding water and stirring. If the steak is left out for too long, it will melt...


10. Starbucks' 'Secret Menu'

Obviously, it is not a secret. It is a coffee thrown together by an annoyed barista whose tips are funneled straight back into the company.


11. Movie Theater Popcorn

The popcorns are leftovers from the night before.


12. McDonalds Chicken Nuggets

The Chicken Nuggets have been slowly shrivelling on a hot plate for hours. You know that.


13. Baseball Stadium Hot Dogs

The Hot Dogs are stored in water. The ones that left are taken out and thrown back in the fridge for the next day.


14. McDonalds McCafe

It is not like the coffee in some fancy coffee bar in the trendy part of town. It is McDonalds McCafe.


Source: buzzfond.com

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