20 Best Burger Joints In America

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It's not hard to find a run-of-the-mill burger joint in your neighborhood these days. However, there are many better options you should try than just In-And-Out. For delicious and unique burgers, check out the following list of recommended burger restaurants in the United States!

1. J.G. Melon - NYC, NY

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J.G. Melon, located on the Upper East Side, serves the best bare-bone cheeseburgers in New York City. With its fluffy potato bread and hearty roast beef patty, the bar burger has been a hit with high school students and middle-aged office workers since the early 1970s.

2. Palace Diner - Biddeford, Maine

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Maine's Palace Diner is simply a must for tourists and locals alike. There, you can enjoy their famous burger Palais Royale while listening to '90s rap music. The most special thing about this burger is its secret sauce, which gives it a completely unique taste. Be sure to arrive early as there are only 15 tables in the restaurant.

3. Grind Burger Kitchen - Louisville, Kentucky

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Liz and Jesse Huot's place is where you can order burgers based on your ingredient preferences. It is highly recommended to add some thick slabs of Brie and crisp bacon for an indulgent richness.

4. Town Topic - Kansas City, Missouri

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The most beautiful thing about Town Topic is its price. Its burger was only 4 cents when it first opened in 1937. Although prices have gone up these days, you can still get a tasty burger for less than $4. Trust me, you probably won't find a better value burger in downtown Kansas.

5. The Company Burger - New Orleans, Louisiana

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Visitors go to The Company Burger in New Orleans for a simple reason: its burgers. They don't look like anything special: medium-done pancakes wrapped in house bread and buttered pickles, cooked red onion, and American cheese. But you can choose to garnish it with different condiments. In this way, what you'll enjoy is also down to you.

6. Matt's Bar - Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Where to get the drippiest, cheesiest Jucy Lucys in the Twin Cities? Matt's Bar is the answer. For less than $8, you'll get a satisfying Jucy Lucy burger with plenty of melted cheese ready to burst forth.

7. The Friendly - San Diego, California

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The Friendly's Dirty Flat Top burger has long been an industry favorite: 2 patties with crisp edges and a juicy center are served with melted American cheese, soft caramelized onions, buttered aioli, and toasted white bread. It may look ordinary, but the taste will definitely take you to heaven.

8. Bud’s Café & Bar - Sedalia, Colorado

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Bud's Café & Bar may not be flashy, but it has been popular for 73 years because of its cheeseburger. While you're there, make sure to order a greasy patties burger with cheese and a side of Lay's.

9. Salt & Time - Austin, Texas

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If you're a carnivore, head straight to Salt & Time in Austin. Its signature Butcher's Burger is something you must try: a large, freshly sliced ​​1⁄2-pound cooked patty topped with mayo, sauerkraut, optional cheese, eggs, or bacon on a sweet brioche bun. Pair it with crispy fries, and you'll know what indulgence is like.

10. Sketch Burger - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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When you enter Sketch Burger, you will think of nothing but the food. The beauty of the burger is that you can choose anything you want to add, from cheese and toppings to sauces. Wait patiently, and you can enjoy your masterpiece!

11. Earnestine & Hazel’s - Memphis, Tennessee

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Earnestine & Hazel's is known for its beer-loving crowd and incredible late-night burger. Its signature Soul Burger is made with everyday ingredients, but its secret sauce makes it stand out. What's even better: you can still get freshly made burgers even if you go there at 2 am.

12. Bless Your Heart Burgers - Portland, Oregon

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If you want some classic burgers, go to Bless Your Heart Burgers in Portland. The burger is just the right size and made of traditional Duke's mayo, mustard, ketchup, shredded lettuce, and American cheese. If you're craving something new, try the L.L. Cool J Burger with guacamole and bacon.

13. Brooks' Sandwich House - Charlotte, North Carolina

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Brooks' Sandwich House has been a Carolina darling since it opened in 1973. Though it's called the Sandwich House, its best seller is its burger, which features smoky chili mixed into the patty. Remember to bring some cash though, as the joint is cash only.

14. The Loyalist - Chicago, Illinois

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Loyalist Burger has been rated the best burger joint in Chicago for years. Their signature thick and juicy Diane Burg is filled with maitake mushrooms, capers, American cheese, and even a shot of Cognac. Who could resist such a combination?

15. Triple XXX - West Lafayette, Indiana

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Triple XXX is the oldest drive-in store in Indiana. The store sticks to house-ground sirloin burgers, named after the boilermakers. Of all the house burgers, you should try their most beloved one, the peanut butter-laden Duane Purvis All-American.

16. Boston Burger Company - Boston, Massachusetts

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Honestly, it's hard to find a better burger than the one served at the Boston Burger Company. As you can see in the photo, the famous giant Mac Attack is filled with homemade four-cheese macaroni, cheese, and bacon. Incredibly, the other burgers in the restaurant are just as good as the Mac Attack. Really, it would be a shame to miss this place.

17. Nic's Grill - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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If you love burgers and onions, head to Nic's Grill in Oklahoma City. There, you'll get jaw-dropping burgers loaded with fried onions on the side. Don't turn around when you see the line outside, as it's worth the wait!

18. Fred's Meat & Bread - Atlanta, Georgia

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There's no denying that Fred's Meat & Bread's Burger Stack is a real star. Imagine eating grilled cheese with meat in it, and yes, that's precisely what the Burger Stack tastes like. So full speed ahead, this is for cheese and meat lovers!

19. Grill Marks - Greenville, South Carolina

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The Grill Marks offers 2 specialty burgers, the DeBragga New York Butcher and the Café Au Poivre. The first is so spectacular that you can even find a hot dog in the 2 patties. The latter tastes even better: patties mixed with coffee and topped with a peppercorn crust, creamy mushrooms, and an au poivre sauce. It feels like you ordered a steak with bread for less than $10.

20. The Stand - Phoenix, Arizona

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When The Stand opened in 2013, it became a favorite among Phoenix residents. Minced meat comes with lettuce, caramelized Onions, kosher dill, and special sauce, giving an unforgettable burger flavor. Pair it with a salted dulce de leche shake and hand-cut fries, and you're in for a treat.

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