This Is Why Your Cat Follows You To The Bathroom

This Is Why You Cat Follows You To The Bathroom_1

Many of us may love to chill out with adorable kitties around, but when you go to the bathroom, you might wish your cat would respect your privacy and not try to join you! If you can bear to shut it out, it can keep meowing and waiting at the door. How come? Click through to see 13 top reasons for this odd behaviour.

1. Cats Seek Your Attention

This Is Why You Cat Follows You To The Bathroom_2

Cats love attention and care as much as we do. When you sit on the toilet, your smart kitty seems to realize that you will be "trapped" in there for a while, and there's no distraction like a television, a book or your work, so it's time to claim your undivided attention and enjoy your petting.

2. Cats Follow Routines

This Is Why You Cat Follows You To The Bathroom_3

Cats tend to keep up routines, which gives them a sense of security. If you always feel it's hard to resist responding to its sweet rubbing in the bathroom, then your cat may mistake visiting you there as a routine. A cat can also associate the bathroom with its meal if you usually feed it after using the bathroom in the morning.

3. Cats Hate Closed Doors

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Having lived with you for a long time, your cat has taken your home as its domain, so it feels entitled to learn whatever is happening there. Any closed door is a challenge and a temptation. The fact that you shut it out of the bathroom can both drive it crazy and make it curious about what fun things you're getting up to without its "supervision."

4. Cats Are Tempted By Your Smell

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Your cats can be attracted to your bathroom because it's full of the scent of you, your pet's most intimate human friend. While you're busy brushing your teeth, taking a shower or answering the call of nature, the cat can be intrigued by your smell and regard it as a valuable feline bonding time!

5. Cats Love Running Water

This Is Why You Cat Follows You To The Bathroom_6

No matter how many lovely water bowls you have bought, your cat still seems to prefer its drink from the tub faucet. Have any others been there, too? Cats prefer running water to still water, and sink, shower, or tub are like convenient water fountains to them.

6. Cats Want To Look After You

This Is Why You Cat Follows You To The Bathroom_7

You may suppose you've been taking care of your cat, while your cat might think just the opposite. With plenty of time spent with you, your cat already regards you as one of its family. Therefore, whenever you are on the other side of a closed door, the cat is concerned about whether you will encounter any danger.

7. Cats Adopt Sinks As Their Beds

This Is Why You Cat Follows You To The Bathroom_8

A sink's rounded shape perfectly suits cats' bodies, making it one of their most ideal places to lounge and sleep. Especially in summer, sinks can also cool them down. Moreover, just as we mentioned, cats can also lick the drips from the faucet while resting.

8. Cats Adopt Bathrooms As Their Playrooms

This Is Why You Cat Follows You To The Bathroom_9

Some cats love spinning around in tubs, playing with toilet paper rolls or fiddling with towels hanging on the wall. They probably enjoy themselves even more when you're not at home. Many owners have learned this the hard way when they return home and see the mess their cats have made.

9. Cats Want To Use Their Litter Boxes

This Is Why You Cat Follows You To The Bathroom_10

If you put your cat's litter box in the bathroom, then things are pretty clear. The cat goes to the bathroom for the same reason as you. Your kitty may suppose it's pretty warm and relaxed to go to the bathroom with you.

10. Cats Prefer Warmer Places

This Is Why You Cat Follows You To The Bathroom_11

Most cats hate being too cold even more than being too hot. That's why they won't miss the chance to slide into your bathroom when you're going to chill out in a hot shower or tub. Your cat's maximum pleasure can be found wrapped around towels in a warm room with you.

11. Cats Feel Unsafe Without You

This Is Why You Cat Follows You To The Bathroom_12

Sometimes, your kitty may think both of you are of the same species, and you're its family member and a source of safety. Every time you enter the bathroom and shut the door, your cat may feel that it has become vulnerable to potential dangers, so it wants to follow you into the room to stay safe.

12. Cats Show Their Affection

This Is Why You Cat Follows You To The Bathroom_13

It's bittersweet when your cat follows you not only to the bathroom but everywhere. That may be your cat's way of showing its affection for you. As a cat owner, you sure wouldn't want your cat to stop loving you, which leaves spending more time with your furry friend as the only option.

13. Cats Feel Lonely And Bored

This Is Why You Cat Follows You To The Bathroom_14

A house cat doesn't have many chances to hang out and have fun. If you're its only company, it will surely try to join in every seemingly enjoyable thing you're doing, including showering and using the toilet.


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