23 A-List Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Happily Unmarried

 It's 2022, guys. If you're still holding on to the belief that only marriage can turn your life around, you might want to change your mind after reading this list. Here are 23 A-list Hollywood celebrities who remain unmarried but still enjoy their wonderful lives.

1. Sandra Bullock

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Having starred in multiple blockbusters, the 56-year-old Oscar winner enjoys a prosperous and long-lasting career in Hollywood. Because of her divorce to her first husband Jesse James in 2010, Bullock's not sure if going down the aisle again can ensure her happiness. Besides, she's now in a happy and committed relationship with her partner Bryan Randall, and that's what matters most.

2. Jennifer Lopez

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Over the years, the A-list actress/singer has had her fair share of failed relationships and marriages. She recently called off her engagement with New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, whom she dated for 4 years. Despite the setbacks in her personal life, J. Lo has devoted her energy to her passion, blessing us with inspiring music and movies. She truly is an icon of this era.

3. Kim Kardashian

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History has shown us that the Kardashians don't need men to build an empire. After her split with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian continues to soar as a successful businesswoman. With her cosmetics company KKW Beauty and the shapewear brand Skims, Kim has been listed as a billionaire. Moreover, the solo life grants her more time with her sisters and kids, which is the best thing a family person can ask for.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

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The spotlight follows this handsome and talented actor wherever he goes. Since Titanic, Leo has won millions of hearts across the globe. As good a catch as he is, the 46-year-old Hollywood star has yet to tie the knot. He has been romantically linked with many gorgeous ladies over the years, but doesn't feel like settling down any time soon.

5. Marisa Tomei 

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For the charming actress Marisa Tomei, marriage was never the ultimate destination. Though she's been romantically linked with many men over the years, work and family are her force of life. Are you inspired by such a powerful and independent working lady?

6. Jon Hamm

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Best known for his role in the TV series Mad Men, Jon Hamm won over the audience with his undeniable charm. Because of the lousy marriage example his parents set for him, Hamm has no plans to tie the knot. However, it doesn't stop him from looking for the love of his life. He's in a great relationship with his Mad Men co-star Anna Osceola.

7. Oprah Winfrey 

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As a talk show host, TV producer, author, actress, and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey remains unmarried, even though she has found her Mr. Right, Stedman Graham. Now that they've been together for over 30 years, they're happy about the way things are and don't want the sacrifice and compromises that come with marriage.

8. Shonda Rhimes

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Shonda Rhimes, the mastermind behind the hit TV dramas Scandal and Grey's Anatomy, doesn't think marriage is for her. She got candid in an interview with Oprah, admitting she wanted to be a parent but never a wife. Now she lives happily with her three daughters. Without marriage, life works out for her just fine.

9. Lady Gaga

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The sensational singer/actress has proven to us that marriage isn't the only thing in a woman's life. Breaking off two engagements, Gaga is set on furthering her career and not getting bogged down in romantic entanglements. We love a strong and determined woman!

10. Queen Latifah

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Wherever she goes, the world-renowned rapper/actress radiates energy and liveliness. Over the past 30-plus years of her career, she has remained pretty quiet about her love life. Though unmarried, Queen Latifah is now in a stable relationship with the professional choreographer Eboni Nichols.

11. Catherine Bell

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The iconic actress's split with screenwriter Adam Beason didn't affect her career or personal life. Bell continued to co-run the production company DaVinci Films with Beason. Moreover, these two great parents are committed to raising their children together.

12. Kylie Minogue

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The painful split from her ex-fiance Joshua Sass strengthened Kylie Minogue's belief that marriage was never meant for her. The legendary singer admitted that her family never brought her up with the notion of marriage. Though deeply hurt, Minogue was glad that the breakup helped her realize where she stood and what she truly wanted in life.

13. David Muir 

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The charming ABC anchor was once listed as one of the Sexiest Men Alive by People's Magazine in 2014. However, his love life has always been a mystery to the public. It is reported that Muir hasn't been romantically linked with many women throughout his career.

14. Halle Berry

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From winning a beauty pageant to getting an Oscar, the fabulous Halle Berry is outstanding in everything she does, except her personal life. After 3 failed marriages, she decided to take a step back and think twice before making another serious commitment. Unfortunate as it may seem, Berry laughs about it now, and we root for her positivity!

15. Joan Jett

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The ground-breaking singer has earned recognition in the male-dominated world of rock music. Being a free spirit, Jett is not willing to be tied down by marriage. Moreover, she has never publicly declared her sexuality, which adds an air of mystery to her life.

16. Goldie Hawn

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The critically acclaimed actress Goldie Hawn has been with actor Kurt Russell since 1983 and doesn't plan on tying the knot. Because they've both had failed marriages, the Hollywood duo feel more comfortable living together without unnecessary responsibilities. Apparently, this arrangement works perfectly for them!

17. Rebel Wilson 

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No longer using food to cope with stress, the hilarious and talented actress has successfully lost 66lbs since 2020. Despite the split with her boyfriend Jacob Busch, Wilson remains positive about her upcoming projects and shares her journey with her fans online. Hail to a healthy and confident "rebel!"

18. Helena Bonham Carter

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Having brought numerous characters into life, the gifted actress chose not to marry her long-term partner Tim Burton. After their split, Carter revealed that she would have felt devastated by the divorce if they'd been married, and she couldn't afford to go through such traumatic pain.

19. Charlize Theron

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Marriage has never been on Charlize Theron's bucket list. Unmarried, the brilliant actress managed to earn a name for herself in the film industry. Moreover, she's quite content living with her two adopted daughters.

20. Tyra Banks

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Tyra Banks has graced the runways with her brightness and confidence. Attractive as the supermodel is, Banks has never been married. She's happy about the way things are with her partner and has no plans to walk down the aisle just yet.

21. Chelsea Handler

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Always vocal about her personal life, the hilarious comedian shared her views on marriage in her Netflix series. To Handler, marriage takes a lot of work and weddings are a huge waste of money. She joked that she'd rather buy a large pool than have a wedding ceremony, because women were not likely to get a divorce with the pool.

22. Winona Ryder

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Winona Ryder made a comeback with the Netflix hit series Stranger Things. In the meantime, she keeps her private matters to herself. She's now in a committed relationship with her long-term partner Scott Mackinlay. Unwedded, Ryder still flourishes as a talented and dedicated actress!

23. Susan Boyle

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The Britain's Got Talent singer revealed in an interview that it was hard for her to keep up with the correspondence in a relationship. Though she's been single for too long, Boyle doesn't seem to mind it. She plans to foster children, starting a family on her own.

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