12 Incredible Facts About The Women Of Game Of Thrones

The women of Game of Thrones are among the most ferocious, fearsome, and gorgeous ladies on TV. You need to be all that and more if you want to survive in the harsh environment of Westeros and all the craziness happening beyond the Wall. Of course, you wouldn’t cast just anyone for the roles of such powerful women. Naturally, the actresses who play them are pretty awesome, too! Here are 12 incredible facts about the women of Game of Thrones that will make you love the show even more.

Sophie Turner actually owns a Direwolf
Because who wouldn’t want to be the proud owner of such an awesome pet? Lady’s life wasn’t a long one in the show, but cute pup Zunni is healthy and happy living in the Turner house.

Gwendoline Christie’s toughest scene ever
We all know that Gwendoline Christie who plays Brienne of Tarth is a tough cookie, but she herself confessed that the fighting scene she had with The Hound was one of the biggest challenges she’s ever had. She spent over 2 months training with an actual sword master to get in shape for that scene.


Arya Stark was the first big role of Maisie Williams
Talking about tough girls, can you imagine that Maisie Williams has never really acted before the Game of Thrones? Arya Stark is her debut role and oh boy, what a role it is! Good way to start a career.

Cersei and Tyrion are best friends in real life
Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage might hate each other’s guts in the show, but in real life they are total besties! They often share the apartment while filming and go to pubs and restaurants together. In fact, Peter Dinklage is probably the one who recommended Headey for the role of Cersei as the two have already worked together previously.

Sansa is a shapeshifter
Technically, all Stark kids are shapeshifters or wargs as they are called in the books. Bran might be the one who got to have the most fun with the magical abilities, but the rest of the Starks, including Arya and Sansa, also possess shapeshifting powers. If only their direwolves were nearby!

On-screen Shae is better than his book version
George R. R. Martin praised the performance of Sibel Kekilli who played Shae, admitting that she improved the character greatly. We think so, too! She added more depth to the character and made her even more significant than she was in the books!

Melisandre could play Cersei
Yep, it’s true, gorgeous Carice van Houten could play the deadly Westeros queen. We love her performance as Melisandre, but she would’ve made a great Cersei, too!

All main characters were aged for the TV show
George R. R. Martin is known for his realistic and brutal depiction of Medieval-esque world of Westeros, so no wonder that in the beginning of the books all the characters were just kids. Arya was 9, Sansa was 11, while Jon Snow and Robb were 14 years old. Game of Thrones showrunners made a smart move and aged everyone a bit: Arya was 11, Sansa was 13, while Jon and Robb were 17 years old.

Daenerys should have purple eyes
If you’ve read the books you know that originally Daenerys had purple eyes that looked simply stunning with her silver hair. Nevertheless, Emilia Clarke couldn’t perform well wearing contact lenses, so directors had to ditch the idea.

Arya Stark is the most lethal character on the show
Maisie Williams might be a lovely young lady, but Arya Stark is a real warrior! By the end of season 7 she’s turned into the deadliest character on the show, reaching a kill count of 64. Not bad for a girl who barely escaped death herself!

Yara Greyjoy is actually Asha
Theon’s sister actual name is Asha, not Yara. But because there’s a character on the show named Osha, the wildling girl that helps the Stark kids, showrunners decided to rename Asha to avoid confusion.

Daenerys burned off her hair
We all love Danny’s silver locks, but the truth is most of the time in the books she walks around totally bold. All her wonderful hair burned when she stepped into the funeral fire of her husband, Khal Drogo.
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