10 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Respect You

It’s hard to control your feelings if you’re in love with someone. But respecting yourself and being respected by your partner are two necessary things within every relationships. Here are some red flags that you might not be getting the respect that you deserve.

1. They laugh at you when you confide in them. This can feel quite hurtful and means that they don’t take you or your issues seriously. Plus, they’re bad listeners which is not a great quality in a romantic partner.

2. They’ve told your secrets in a casual manner. Secrets involve trust, and they should guard yours safely. If not, they don’t have any respect and it’s not ok.

3. On a similar note, they’ve broken your trust before or have lied to you before. And maybe they even do it with ease. This shows that hurting you doesn’t hurt them.

4. They talk about other girls in front of you or flirt with them. Maybe he had prolonged eye contact with your waitress at that restaurant, or he’s just a little too friendly with his gal pals. This is some serious disrespect that needs to be called out.

5. They don’t treat you like a priority and let’s you down on a regular basis. Disappointment shouldn’t be a normal feeling in a relationship. People need to uphold their commitments. Half of a relationship is just showing up, and if they can’t do that, it’s not a good sign.

6. He tells you how to act and what to wear. It also implies disrespect.

7. He ignores you or doesn’t listen to, and maybe even bulldozes you when you say no. It’s never ok. You have the right to say no, and only someone that doesn’t respect you will act otherwise.

8. He doesn’t let you have boundaries but feels free to set his own. He’s the authority on what you do with friends, family, and finances. This isn’t just disrespect – it’s blatant emotional abuse.

9. He gives you the silent treatment instead of solving a disagreement with a thoughtful conversation or initiating a truce.

10. He makes sure to point out your flaws and imperfections instead of embracing them and telling you what he loves about you. Remember that you never need to change for anybody, even through the rose-tinted glasses of love.
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