Ten Ways To Burn More Calories While You Sleep

 We are all looking for more ways to shed calories. There’s only so much time in the day, so it may be hard to sneak in more workouts. But the good news is you can actually burn calories after you fall asleep. While you are asleep, the body goes into restoration mode to slow your body down and start repairing, even down to a cellular level. But even though your body and its systems slow down, that doesn’t mean your metabolism stops working. It continues to burn calories, which is a plus for your fitness goals. There are even ways for you to increase your metabolic activity while you sleep. This just requires a shift in your diet and daily routines, and then you can start getting the maximum benefit of your metabolism at night. If you’re ready to take advantage of your slumbering hours, check out these 10 ways to burn more calories while you sleep. 

Eat more tryptophan

Tryptophan is an ingredient in food that can make you feel more tired. This amino acid is found in several types of meat, and can make you sleep more rested. Deeper sleep will help you burn more calories. 

Have a cup of tea before bed

Tea is a great beverage to enjoy right before bed. Teas like chamomile, lavender or valerian root are good choices for pre-bed teas, and will help you relax and unwind. Some teas also help to suppress appetite.

Eat your bread during the day

If you love bread and eat it often, try timing your bread intake at lunchtime as opposed to dinner. Studies show that complex carbs are better midday than before bed, so that your digestive system is not processing carbs while you’re asleep. 

Snack light at night

If you are the type to snack throughout the day, be sure to ease up approaching bedtime. You want to have your stomach as settled and relaxed as possible as you enter slumber hours. 

Shut the kitchen down after hours

Sneaking in the kitchen at all times of the night should be something you cross off your list. Set a boundary with yourself, so that you do not visit the kitchen for a late night snack after a certain time. 

Try a protein shake or two

Recent studies have been exploring the benefits of protein shakes in conjunction with sleeping patterns. What was revealed is that consuming a protein shake before bed can actually send your metabolism into hyperdrive while you sleep. 

Smell peppermint essential oil or candles

While peppermint may be a tasty treat, the smell of peppermint has actually been known to suppress the appetite. Try inhaling a whiff of peppermint essential oils, or light a peppermint candle before bed. 

Drop your home temperature to a cooler degree

Research has shown that colder weather can actually make you shed more pounds during sleep. That is because colder weather forces your body to burn more calories to stay warm. 

Ditch the night lights

You may be the type to use a night light or ambient light while you sleep. But this could actually be disrupting your sleep. Try a few nights of complete darkness to see if your sleep improves. If so, this can help you sleep deeper and burn more calories. 

Get your devices away from your bedside 

Smartphones and similar devices are ruining our sleep cycles and natural abilities to relax. Constantly being interrupted by tech and notifications will ensure nothing but horrible sleep. Find a location away from your bed and nightstands to place your phones for the night. 

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