10 Mindblowing Examples Of Galaxy-Brain Urban Infrastructure

 Most of us regular citizens don’t appreciate just how amazing some things are that sit right under our noses. Of course, we’re talking about the wonders of city infrastructure.

The labyrinthian mess of tangled roads, bridges, intertwined with buildings, power poles, etc., etc. – all these things make our everyday lives easier, better, and more efficient. So next time you’re complaining about where your taxes are going, remember that these ten mind-blowing examples of infrastructure exist.

1. Solar Panels Covering Canals In India

This solution prevents water evaporation and algae build-up, doesn’t use extra space, and keeps the solar panels cooler.

2. A 16-Km-Long Elevated Highway In India

At first glance, this structure looks like a regular bridge where a road could have been built, but this big boy allows wild animals to pass underneath it.

3. Crab Overpass On Christmas Island

Nobody likes cleaning crushed crabs off their car. So to preserve what’s left of the crab population on Christmas Island, big-brained architects came up with an overpass bridge that prevents these juicy little crustaceans from getting run over.

4. The Power Lines Over Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana

This may be the best place to witness the Earth’s curvature. It’s not flat, people!

5. Hands Brigdge, Vietnam.

There are many mind-boggling bridges in the world, but this one takes the cake. Held up by two giant arms, this bridge in Vietnam will definitely stick in your memory.

6. Veluwemeer Aqueduct, The Netherlands

Here’s one of the coolest-looking aqueducts in the world. An underwater bridge? That’s genius!

7. Sart Canal Bridge — La Louvière, Belgium

Canals are a weird bunch. They are rarely designed to look pretty, but this one in Belgium, wow, that’s a looker!

8. Hotan-Ruoqiang Railway China

While most people are dumping on China, they’re building some of the best infrastructures out there. And they’re doing it fast, too, even in the middle of a desert.

9. Urban Ropeway, Kisha-Michi Bridge, Yokohama, Japan

This cool ropeway is a tourist attraction in Yokohama. It goes between a train station and a shopping mall close to the bay. There are some office buildings in the area, but the shopping spots and great view of the waterfront are its biggest perks.

10. Panlong Road Aerial View

Long winding roads are not a rare thing in the modern world. You can’t just drive up a mountain at a 30-something-degrees angle, so the smart people figured out how to do it safely, but the Panlong road is also very aesthetically pleasing.

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