11 Wolf-Like Dog Breeds: Know The Difference And Choose Wisely

 Dogs bearing a striking resemblance to wolves have a special place in our hearts. They are beautiful, large and powerful creatures that possess a "cool-factor" that we can't resist. There are quite a few to consider when you are looking for a wolf-like dog as a pet. Some domestic dog breeds have been bred purposely to look like wolves, while others look that way naturally. Here are 11 of the dog breeds that have physical features like a wolf and you can use this article to decide which breed would be the best fit for you.


1. Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is a large dog breed that can weigh up to 45kg. A Malamute has a fairly thick (about 2-inches) coat. Its facial markings are similar to that of a wolf. Don't be intimidated by its size. Alaskan Malamute is friendly and loyal as a man's best friend. Despite the excellent qualities, a Malamute may not be suitable for families who have smaller pets as the breed has a very strong predatory instinct.


2. Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized dog breed weighing up to 28kg. The breed is known for its unique thick, furry coat, raised triangular ears and unique color markings. Just like the Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Huskies are intelligent, loyal and tough. Apart from these physical characteristics, Siberian Huskies inherited some of their wolf ancestor's behavioral attributes such as being energetic, tendencies to howl and bark. Siberian Huskies are excellent as a family pet and are safe for children. They are so energetic that they need special exercise to burn off their excess energy. Otherwise, they will become very destructive.


3. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a new hybrid between German Shepherds and Carpathian wolves. This relatively new hybrid has the personality and intelligence of a German Shepherd, coupled with the strength and stamina of a wolf. Generally, this breed is slightly smaller than others and grows to between 24-26 inches tall and weighs between 44-54 pounds. A Czechoslovakian Wolfdog's build and hair is very similar to that of a wolf. It's noticeable by its amber eyes and raised triangular ears. Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs can easily form a bond with their families and love to be surrounded by people. They get along well with other pets in the family, but are wary of strange animals. So you need to take them out and socialize often.


4. Kugsha

The Kugsha is a wolf hybrid, often called Amerindian Malamutes. A Kugsha has long legs, a strong large body and loves to roam. The breed is loyal and has strong relationships with their owners. Despite the good qualities, Kugsha are not suitable for families with children because they tend to be predatory. They are energetic and need to be exercised regularly to burn off the extra energy. Otherwise, they will become restless and destructive.


5. Samoyed

Samoyed is one of the most popular wolf-like dog breeds for a family. They are calm, loyal, vibrant and good companions. One of the most distinct characteristics is the "Sammy smile" as its black lips are in contrast with its white coat. They are good family dogs and get along well with children and are very playful. Unfortunately, Samoyeds are susceptible to several congenital health problems including kidney disease, diabetes, and hip dysplasia.


6. Tamaskan

Tamaskans are a relatively new hybrid. There are only about 600 certified Tamaskans in the world. The breed is bred purposely to look like wolves with a thick coat that comes in red-grey, wolf-grey, and black grey. Although they may look tough, Tamaskans are actually excellent family dogs. They are intelligent, highly trainable and get along well with children. But don't let them stay in a place for a long time, since they are easily bored. They tend to become destructive if not given enough physical exercise.


7. Canadian Eskimo Dog

The Canadian Eskimo, also known as Qimmiq, are a cross between Canadian Huskies and Canadian Inuit Dogs. They are large creatures, weighing up to 30-43kg. Canadian Eskimo Dogs are like other typical dogs: they are devoted, powerful, intelligent, energetic, but they are not fit for families with smaller pets due to their high predatory instinct. Canadian Eskimos also need more physical stimulation than other normal dogs.


8. Northern Inuit Dog

The Northern Inuit Dog originates from crosses between German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, and Inuit dogs. Developed in the UK, this wolf-like dog is not recommended for an inexperienced pet owner. Though they are intelligent, they are relatively stubborn and very difficult to train. They tend to have separation anxiety, but this can be solved by training them at a very young age. They are suitable for families with other pet dogs.


9. Utonagan

Utonagans are a mix of three dogs: the Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, and Siberian Husky. Utonagans are trainable and can be taught to do a numbers of tasks. They are friendly, intelligent dogs and get along well with people including children. If you live in a place with cold weather and have a house with a yard and high fence, then Utonagans are suitable for you.

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