See The Otherworldly Beauty Of Baikal, The Deepest And Oldest Lake On Earth

 1. Baikal is known as the deepest and the cleanest lake on planet Earth, and many of the tourists who have been there say that how majestic and fairy the lake looks is beyond their expectation.


2. There is ice of different patterns in different parts of the lake, and the cause of its formation is because water freezes layer by layer. And sometimes you can find a fish or a branch on the ice.


3. It is true that Baikal has the clearest ice in the world! You can see everything way down till the bottom: lake animals and plants and other objects on the depth of 40 meters.


4. There are still scientific arguments as to the genesis and the age of Baikal. But let's just remember that Baikal is the biggest reservoir of fresh water on Earth.


5. In some parts of the lake, ice is very slippery, and that is where you can take photographs of ideal reflections. Travelers would move around on skates, bicycles or sled.


6. Ice cracking is happening all the time, generally about 10-30 km long and the 2-3m wide, and usually accompanied by a thunder-like sound. When the frost gets hefty, cracks divide ice into different areas. It is because of the cracks that the fish in the lake won't die from lack of oxygen.


7. Ice on Baikal will not disappear until May. There are bubbles in the ice which originated from the gas methane produced by algae. The Angara is the only river in the world that flows from Baikal. All other rivers flow into the lakes.


8. There is a legend that the Father of Baikal had 336 rivers-his sons and one daughter -Angara. All sons were flowing into Baikal to replenish the lake, but the daughter fell in love with Yenisei (another river in Russia) and began to take her father's water to her lover. In response, the father Baikal cursed her and threw a huge rock into his daughter. This rock is called Shaman-Stone, and it is situated in the springhead of Angara and is considered to be it's beginning.


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