Best Exercises For Psoriatic Arthritis

 Psoriatic arthritis may make you exercise much more challenging. The proper fitness regime can help you relieve this painful condition. The low-intensity exercises are the key which will get the body moving. Here are some great exercises for you to try.

1. Yoga

Doing yoga can deepen your sense of self, and help you tune into your psoriatic arthritis. Listen to your body and change when necessary.


2. Chair yoga

A gentle practice in a chair or on a ball, will get your body moving and allow you to obtain the full benefits of yoga.


3. Mat yoga

Even if you have problems with shoulders and wrists, poses can be modified to make mat yoga really work for you! Find a quiet place for you to practice it though.


4. Pilates

It focuses on stretching and strengthening your body and will bring about self-awareness that can aid your condition.


5. Tai Chi

It is a great exercise to help strengthen, reduce pain, improve mobility and enables finding a mental balance.


6. Aquatic therapy

Water helps remove the pressure on your muscles and joints. This gives you the benefit of exercising without having to worry about aggravating that knee or ankle!


7. Walking

It is a great exercise to get you moving, increase your heart rate and promote strength in the body.


8. Biking

Not only does biking help strengthen leg muscles and build endurance, but it helps you maintain your range of motion.


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