5 Travel Ideas Bring You Unusual Experience

 Sometimes we need to experience something special to explore the different side of life. Travelers are attracted to a place for its culture or beauty. Besides that, it's a new way to join in some activities you never participate in before, which may bring you novelty out of our routine life. If you love it, go and give it a try!

1. Skydive and Soar in the Air

Have you ever dreamed of flying in the sky like a bird? It's more than jumping out of the plane. Roaring in the breeze, you'll feel the freedom you never experienced before and will see the world with a different vision. Dubai Palm Island is renowned for its skydiving with the beautiful high-altitude scenery. You'll be thrilled to see the beauty of an island shaped like a palm tree from more than 13,000 feet high.


2. Stomp Grapes and Make Your own Wine

Wine lovers are spending weekend time visiting the vineyard, and tasting wine sample. Why not get down and go one step further and make your own wine in an old-fashion way? Prepare for your grape stomping, and cork your wine bottle. Napa Valley winery is one that you can do that with. It offers experiences making your own custom. Go and give it a try!


3. Go Deep Sea Fishing and Cook Your Fish

You may feel bored with eating home-made fishing food. Try a new way and go fishing on the high sea. It’s a truly exciting experience for adventure seekers. Board a charter fishing boat and go deep into the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean to feel the soft air and hear the rolling wave. You will love the moment when you catch yellowfin tuna, blue marlin, and swordfish out above the water.


4. Enjoy a "Dinner in the Sky"

Have you ever imagine enjoying fine food in the sky? "Dinner in the Sky" offers you a magical experience, filled with moments of exhilaration. You'll look like floating in the air and have 360 sights to the whole city. Raise your champagne and cheer up!


5. Ride an Animal That's not a Horse

If you have ridden a horse for many times, try a new experience on an elephant or a camel. Unlike running in the grassland, riding an elephant or a camel is much slower and gives you peace and joy. If it is your first ride, you'll be impressed by the nervous feeling. Try to find the balance on it.

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