19 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier

 No one can expect life to be smooth sailing all the time, but we can improve it by introducing novel products from time to time. Check out 19 of the coolest gadgets we've rounded up, as chances are you need them now more than ever!  

1. Liquid Plastic Welder

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_1

We hate it when we fail to repair things like broken glasses and leaking pipes and have to throw them away. Now your helplessness will be gone forever! Simply apply the magical liquid formula to the broken edges, then cast UV light on it for 4 seconds, and the liquid will be frozen into a rock-solid layer. Also, it's nontoxic.

2. Automatic Pan Stirrer

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_2

Cooking can be complicated for beginners, but it can be a different story with the help of a few practical tools. If you have trouble managing the timing, here is a gadget designed for you. Put this automatic pan stirrer in your pan and turn it on, and you will find the meal cooking itself when you get back from running errands. Is this the best invention ever?

3. Automatic Rotating Laser

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_3

For any family that has a cat at home, this laser toy will be indispensable. Compared to a laser pen, an automatic rotating laser is easy to use and frees your hands. It not only keeps your little furry critter entertained, but gives you tons of fun watching him chase the laser point. With this contraption, your household stuff will be free from scratches.

4. Virtual Laser Keyboard

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_4

Typing on the small keyboard of a smartphone can lead to eyestrain, but it is easy to prevent if you have a virtual laser one. With both infrared and laser technology, it produces bright light which can project a full-size virtual keyboard on any flat surface. And it can easily connect to any mobile device via Bluetooth. You can also amaze your family in mouse mode!  

5. Pocket Mechanic

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_5

It often happens that you end up splashing money on minor problems with your car just because you're not a car savvy. Now with a pocket mechanic, you can instantly know what's wrong with your car to avoid a ripoff. For instance, it can tell why your 'Check Engine Light' is on, how severe the problem is and the potential cost of repairs.

6. Smartphone Controller

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_6

If you miss old school games desperately, a smartphone controller will fulfill your wish in no time. Just hook the retro controller to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you'll see your Android phone or tablet be transformed into a childhood dream. It also provides you with free games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Crazy Taxi. Enjoy the fun in the palm of your hand!

7. Metronome Light Sleep Aid

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_8

When was the last time you had a decent sleep? If you have trouble recalling the date, perhaps it's because it has been too long. Instead of grabbing some over-the-counter pills, there's an all-natural device to help you. By blocking out your overactive thoughts through the metronome-light, the sleep aid lulls you to a sound sleep quickly.

8. Electric Jar Opener

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_9

Sometimes opening a jar can be strenuous, especially for those who have arthritis. Not to mention it's likely that you have piled up salsa, sauce, and jams in the pantry. Here is an effortless way to open it without your hands. This electric jar opener will help you open more jars than you can imagine. Couldn't ask for more, right?

9. Clickfree Cloud Drive

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_10

Unlike any other backup devices, a clickfree cloud drive makes the process ridiculously easy thanks to its built-in software. Just plug it in your computer and click the start button on the pop-up window, and it finds your files and saves them on its own storage.

10. Portable Gym At Home

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_11

Since staying fit appears to be more popular than ever, a portable gym should be one of the most sought after things for everyone. Here is some good news: KoreTense makes it real! Though the gadget looks a little unassuming, it allows you to burn fat and build muscle from the comfort of your own home! Also, it gives you the desired results without going to the gym!

11. Premium Wireless Earbuds

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_12

You won't realize inner peace that premium wireless earbuds can bring you until you actually get one. Aside from the high quality sound it can offer, the worry of them slipping out in the midst of intensive activity will be no worry at all. Besides, the ergonomic design will give you extreme comfort.  

12. Smarten Up Your Keys

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_13

It seems that many people don't find disorganised keys offensive, so that they happily leave their pockets bulging with them. However, there is a quick fix for those lumpy keychains. Any compact key holder featuring a brilliantly smart 'S' design allows you to organize keys perfectly and to attach your car key fob with its loop accessory. You can come up with various usages!

13. Super Wifi Booster

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_14

If you have ever suffered from buffering video at certain corners of your home, you must know the value of having a boosted wifi. Believe it or not, a reliable wifi booster ensures that you have a five-bar lightning-fast internet, which covers your house from the backyard to the basement.

14. Wireless Neck Massager

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_15

Nothing is better than giving your neck a good rub after an 8-hour shift. However, the distance from your home to a massage parlor can be tiresome. Fortunately, a wireless neck massager can help you once and for all. Powered by advanced massage technologies, it stimulates your muscles and releases tension within your neck in a mere ten minutes!

15. Harry Potter–Inspired Bluetooth Tracker

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_16

If you have ever misplaced your key or smartphone, you know the feeling of ransacking your house. Now with this bespectacled little wizard tracker, you can track anything down in seconds. Just attach it to the item and say the magic words!

16. Quiet All Noise

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_17

Tranquility seems to be one of the greatest luxuries now as the noise comes at you from all directions. To prevent it from fraying your nerves and spoiling your good mood, you'd better wear a pair of noise canceling earbuds. It can not only shut out the annoying traffic noise, but it can prevent hearing damage, giving you a few quiet moments.

17. Rotary Nail Clipper

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_18

It's vital to keep a nail clipper handy, considering the frequency we use it to trim our nails. But it often happens that we cut ourselves and end up with uneven and jagged nails. Now with a rotary nail clipper, you can bid farewell to those headaches. Featuring surgical grade steel, swivel blades, and an ergonomic handle, it makes nail clipping easy as pie.

18. Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_19

Still using wipes or patches to clean your eyeglasses? The truth is that you may be smudging dirt around rather than cleaning them! Now there is a simple solution. Carbon eyeglass cleaner helps clean filthy lenses like magic. Plus, it also saves you from washing cleaning wipes forever.

19. Trusty Memory Stick

20 Smart Gadgets Make Life Easier In 2020_20

Data stored on our computers is way more valuable than the device itself, and that's why you need a trusty thumb drive for an instant backup. A foolproof memory stick can save your memory permanently. It offers custom-designed dual interfaces and runs as soon as you plug it into your Mac or Windows computer.

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