51 Photos That Couldn't Have Been Timed Better

 Capturing the perfect moments in time is one of the rarest events which mostly depends on luck. Here we have collected these 51 perfectly timed photos which contains laugh out loud moments.

1. Hey, look at me, I can walk on water now."

2. Kid, there is a boat on the river. Go and get it!"

3. It seems that a dog is in front of me! I need to check out."

4. A zebra-monster

5. Ah! Beautiful scenery!

6. The mirror helps.

7. Wind knows your heart, priest.

8. Yeah! Focus. Focus...It's coming. It's coming...

9. Darth Vader is coming out of the government building!

10. Where did you get this fabulous butterfly mask?

11. Want a ride?

12. Wearing a parrot mask is awesome.

13. Mom, is there grass on that bird?"

14. Water, come to my mouth."

15. OMG! A horse man over there!

16. Our love is strong.

17. Excuse Me. Can I Join?"

18. One of the most dangerous selfies ever captured

19. He is too proud to move.

20. Airdrop into mouth.

21. Trapped in a bubble

22. An unexpected shower

23. The giraffe knows how to pose better than you.

24. Way to stand out

25. Water can create amazing effects.

26. Laughing with your best friend

27. Make a speech on the magic carpet.

28. Real cars or toy cars?

29. Blending in with the beach perfectly

30. This is why you should keep alert when watching a live baseball game.

31. Casting a spell or popping a bubble?

32. Nosey opponent

33. Whose head is that?

34. Awesome aquarium photobomb

35. Cat vs. Squirrel

36. Hi, buddy, are you fighting an invisible man?”

37. Taco Tuesdays are the worst sometimes.

38. Fruit Ninja

39. Oh, poor boy!

40. This little guy definitely got away.

41. When you have a crane and a riding mower, nothing is impossible.

42. The ship escaped the lightning.

43. We don’t need a repairman; we can fix it.”

44. Amazing glasses

45. Oh... my... WHAT.

46. A petrel diving into the water

47. Dwarf bridesmaids?

48. Head and body seem separated.

49. Breaking the sound barrier

50. A statue and its toy plane

51. Give back my clothes!"

Source: buzzaura.com

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