23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola

 Coca-Cola is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks in the world, but it's more than just a beverage. You can use it in almost everything from cleaning to cooking and even pain relieving. Don't believe it? Just read on...

1. Descale A Kettle

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_1

You don't have to waste money on expensive detergents to remove the limescale from your kettle, as Coke can do the trick. Just boil a kettle full of Coke and then rinse with clean water. You are guaranteed to be stunned.

2. Relieve Jellyfish Stings

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_2

The beach is one of the best places to spend the holiday, and most of us will take some refreshing Coke for that day in the sun. However, the risk of being there is that jellyfish might be present, and their stings can be really painful. The first remedy for them is pee, the second is vinegar, and surprisingly, the third is Coca-Cola!

3. Bye Bye Blood Stains

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_3

We all know how hard it is to remove blood stains from our clothes, but not anymore if you try this hack. Dab some Coke on the affected area and wait for 10 minutes or so. Then wash the entire clothes as you normally would. The stains should be gone!

4. Save Burnt Pots And Pans

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_4

While most dishes can go in the dishwasher for cleaning, it's recommended to wash pots and pans by hand. Unfortunately, if they get burnt, they are extremely hard to clean up. That's where Coke comes in. Pour the drink into the pot or pan and let it sit for hours until the residue releases.

5. Tenderize Your Meat

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_5

It might sound a little crazy, but you can tenderize your meat with Coke. Just add some Coke to a bowl and put the meat in. Wait a while for the drink to work its magic, and be prepared to be amazed by the taste.

6. No More Hiccups

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_6

Hiccups are not fatal, but they can cause us discomfort. Unlike what popular lore tells you, being scared does not work, but Coca-Cola does. The fuzziness in the drink can stop that spasm in your diaphragm.

7. Remove Grout From Tiles

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_7

Nothing is more disgusting than the grout that collects in between tiles, and it’s so difficult to clean up. Even worse, some of the best cleaners are just too expensive. The good news is that Coke can help you out. Soak the surface with Coke for several minutes. Then scrub it off and rinse with fresh water. Problems solved!

8. Shine Your Toilet Bowl

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_25

Cleaning the toilet is one of the most unpleasant chores, and sometimes, those stains build up in the bowel (bowl?) can really make us crazy. Next time, pour some Coke down the porcelain bowl and flush at least twenty minutes later. You won’t even need to scrub!

9. Get Rid Of Oil Stains

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_9

The miracle drink can also be used to remove those ugly oil stains on your driveway or garage floor. Pour some of it over the stains and wait for a few hours or overnight. You'll be able to wipe away most of the oil and then rinse off the rest.

10. Defrost Frozen Windshields Without Scraping Them To Death

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_10

Thanks to Coca-Cola, you don't have to worry about icy windshields during cold seasons anymore. Pour the drink on the window, and within a minute, the ice will turn to slush. It will save you tons of time and effort.

11. Stop Nausea

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_24

Amazingly, Coke can even be used to ease nausea. First, open the can and let it lose its fizziness. Then, take a teaspoon every hour until you feel better. No more buying pricey over-the-counter medication!

12. Get Gum Out Of Your Hair

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_12

It's not the end of the world if you happen to have gum in your hair. Instead of cutting a chunk out of your locks, soak the affected area in Coca-Cola for several minutes. The gum should come right off.

13. Fade Dyed Hair

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_13

Sometimes we might end up with a bad hair dye job, and unfortunately, there’s very little we can do to fix it. However, if you have your hair dyed much darker than you expected, Coca-Cola comes to the rescue. Just soak your hair for several minutes. The phosphoric acid should help lighten the color.

14. Deal With Car Battery Corrosion

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_14

An old battery with corrosion can cause your car unable to start, but before you make a hasty decision to buy a new one, try this cleaning hack first. Carefully pour some Coke over the terminals. Several minutes later, brush it away and rinse with warm water. You may just end up saving a fortune!

15. Bug-Free Car Windshields

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_15

Bugs seem to have a habit of hitting car windshields. If the window cleaner is out of your reach, try using a can of Coke. What you need to do is wet a rag with the fizzy drink and wipe away the little guys. Just make sure you won't ruin the paint job.

16. Fight Against Asthma

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_16

Did you know that Coca-Cola can help relieve asthma? It seems like the amount of caffeine in the 12 oz. can is perfect to stop an attack. So, if you happen to run out of your prescription for your inhaler, try Coca!

17. Clean Dirty Coins

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_17

Coins are notorious for being one of the dirtiest things we touch all day, and sometimes, soap and water just can’t remove those nasty grime on them. Well, Coke comes to save the day. Soak the coins in the drink for several hours and rinse with warm water. The coins should look brand new!

18. Strip Rust From Bolts

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_18

Have some rusted bolts that need to be loosened? Head to your fridge rather than the toolbox. A can of Coke can easily remove the rust from metal. You just need to soak the bolts for several hours, better overnight, before wiping clean. The beverage wasn't invented for this issue, but there you go!

19. Work As A Hair Curler

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_19

It might surprise you, but empty Coke cans turn out to be perfect hair curlers. Simply wrap a few of those locks around the cylindrical container. Pretty easy, huh? Believe us, your mom will never complain that you're drinking a bit too much, and you won't need a hairdresser anymore.

20. Remove Paint From Metal

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_20

If buying a paint stripper goes above your current monthly budget, don't worry. You can use Coke instead! This drink works best with metal items. Just wipe the surface with a cloth dipped in coke. You'll be amazed at the results!

21. Give You A Perfect Vision

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_21

Anyone who wears glasses will understand the struggle of seeing stains on their lenses all the time. However, most of the cleaning sprays out there are either expensive or smelly. Therefore, what you can do is to wet the lenses with Coca-Cola, wipe the liquid off with a clean towel, and repeat with water to clear away any sticky residue. Voila, HD vision!

22. Polish Jewelry

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_22

Rings, bracelets, and necklaces tend to collect gunk easily. Similar to your old coins, you can soak these items in Coke. Then wait for 15-20 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Your jewelry will be looking as shiny as before.

23. No More Slugs And Snails

23 Surprising Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola_23

While slugs and snails themselves are mostly harmless, they may end up ruining your pretty plants. If you want to thin out their population, try putting a shallow bowl of Coke nearby. The sweetness of the beverage will attract these critters and the acid will kill them.

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