Seven Celebrities Who Look Nothing Like Their Stage Image

 When you’re a performer on a stage, the biggest part of your uniqueness is going to come from your image and your act. Especially in the world of pop music where most big artists are produced by the same people or have the same people working on their songs, standing out visually is going to be important to determine your longevity. But even actors can sometimes completely let their role take over their appearance and change how they look drastically.

Some celebrities really go the extra mile when they perform and they look almost nothing like their real selves whenever they’re on stage. Let’s take a look at some.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj puts a lot of work into changing up how she looks on stage. Her stage outfits are usually pretty revealing and bright, with some colorful hair to boot. In real life though, she looks like any other girl you’d pass on the street and keeps her attire a lot simpler.

Till Lindeman

The Rammstein frontman is known for really drawing your attention on stage with his very iconic looks. It’s been part of the live Rammstein experience for as long as anyone can remember, yet Till looks very normal and refined in real life. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even tell he’s a world class heavy metal frontman.

Johnny Galecki

While we all know Johnny as Leonard from The Big Bang Theory, he actually looks nothing like Leonard in real life. Let this be a lesson to all men that not wearing glasses and growing a beard can go a long way into looking like a completely different person.

Marilyn Manson

The shock rocker who’s gotten into a bit of troubled water lately is mostly known for his extremely dark stage persona. In real life, Brian Warner looks like every other guy out there. Just with more tattoos, obvioulsy. His stage persona has inspired the typical goth look in rock music.

Lady Gaga

I think the best word to describe the style Lady Gaga has on stage is “eccentric”, but she couldn’t look blander in real life. There’s such a huge disconnect between the two images that I’m positively certain that Lady Gaga doesn’t get recognized all that much when out on the streets.

Elton John

Elton is known for being a colorful bloke on stage, usually dressing himself to the nines in sparkly vests and funky shades. He still wears the sunglasses when he’s not performing, but everything else about Elton just defaults to normal sportswear. 

Sacha Baron Cohen

It kind of goes with the territory of essentially making undercover mockumentaries, but even when Sacha is just acting in a movie he’ll radically change his appearance to be pretty much unrecognizeable. Whether he’s performing as Ali G, Borat, Bruno or any of his other characters, he’ll never quite look like himself.

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