Eight Reasons Why Korean Women Don’t Get Weight Easy

 When it comes to diets and having a healthy physique, there’s this weird thing going on with Korean women. They seem to be mostly immune to being overweight and always look at their very best. Since there’s an entire nation of women managing to keep their weight up to a proper level, we should probably learn from them whatever we can. It’s pretty obvious they’re doing something right, at the very least.

Let’s take a look at some factors that might influence why Korean women are much less likely to become overweight.

They Barely Eat Fast Food

As much as we all love our weekly McDonald’s, it’s not good for you. You want to believe with all your heart that it is, but it’s slowly clotting up your arteries and bringing you inches closer to an untimely death. That Big Mac sauce is something else, though.

They Barely Eat Fast Food | 8 Reasons Korean Women Don’t Get Fat | Zestradar

They Drink Tea

Tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet, and it’s surely miles healthier than sodas that are immensely popular in the western world. Maybe we should all be more like Cristiano Ronaldo and drink “agua” instead of Coca Cola.

They Drink Tea | 8 Reasons Korean Women Don’t Get Fat | Zestradar

They Eat Loads of Seafood

Seafood has lots of things healthy for you so having a diet that’s mostly based on it is bound to be good. Sadly, seafood is usually freakishly expensive if you don’t live near a coast so this diet probably isn’t economically possible for everyone.

They Eat Loads Of Seafood | 8 Reasons Korean Women Don’t Get Fat | Zestradar

They Love Vegetables

I know, nobody goes to a restaurant and orders veggies. You order the meat and you accept the vegetables as just being there to finish up the dish. They’re the thing keeping you alive though, all that red meat isn’t doing you any favors.

They Walk a Lot

That’s right – it doesn’t always have to be difficult. Walking is a surefire way to lose weight because it keeps your body active and it takes a lot longer than running, riding a bike or taking the bus. Also, taking the bus means you’re sitting, which is always bad if you’re trying to lose weight.

They Walk A Lot  | 8 Reasons Korean Women Don’t Get Fat | Zestradar

They Eat Sweets in Moderation

In the Bible of healthy food, sugar is the Devil’s temptation. We’re all more or less addicted to sugar, but we honestly don’t spend enough time doing physical activity to warrant ingesting that much sugar into our bloated bodies.

They Eat Sweets In Moderation | 8 Reasons Korean Women Don’t Get Fat | Zestradar

They Avoid Processed Food

Processed food is usually full of chemicals you really don’t want in your body if you want to keep your chemical balance at a normal level. Eating something processed every once in a while isn’t that big deal, but you’ll see those pounds add up if you do it on a nearly daily basis.

They Avoid Processed Food | 8 Reasons Korean Women Don’t Get Fat | Zestradar

They Avoid Bread

As delicious as bread is, we all know that it’s just balled-up carbs waiting to ruin your waistline. And yes, I know it tastes good with tea, seafood and veggies. It’s just not something you need, nor is it something you should want.

They Avoid Bread | 8 Reasons Korean Women Don’t Get Fat | Zestradar
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