7 Superhero Actors Being Real-Life Heroes

 It’s always very frustrating to find out that your favorite actor, musician, or athlete is actually a jerk. But thankfully, this happens rarely now because those celebs are scarred of getting canceled on Twitter. And then some celebrities just love to do good things for charity, making the world a better place. It just so happens that actors and actresses who play our favorite superheroes are wonderful people on- and off-camera!

1. Chris Evans

Chris is actively fighting evil in our world while also kicking butt as Captain America in the MCU. He participates in charity events for cancer patients and those in need and also visits sick kids in hospitals. And a few years ago, Chris adopted the most adorable shelter dog, Dodger. But it’s clearly not enough for the actor to save a single doggo, so he encourages all people to take their pets from shelters.

Chris Evans | 7 Superhero Actors Being Real-Life Heroes | Zestradar

2. Robert Downey Jr.

Sometimes Robert Downey Jr. looks so much like his MCU alter ego that we can’t help but wonder if he’s the actual Iron Man. RDJ is one of the main contributors to charity events among all Hollywood actors and even has his own Random Act Funding organization. This guy will use any means available to him to convince his fans to donate. Remember that time when he hopped around in an Easter bunny costume? Of course, RDJ also visits hospitals, and a few years ago, the actor gave a seven-year-old boy a bionic prosthetic arm, stylized as a piece of Iron Man’s suit. The kid was ecstatic!

Robert Downey Jr  | 7 Superhero Actors Being Real-Life Heroes | Zestradar

3. Chris Hemsworth

You don’t have to be a god of thunder to be fit like Chris Hemsworth. Recently, Chris created his own mobile fitness app, Centr, with workout videos, how-tos, nutrition tips, and more stuff helping people get in shape. But this is not his only achievement. Chris Hemsworth always finds time for his family between filming, red carpet events, and charity. Even at the beginning of his career, the actor cashed in his first check to pay off his parents’ debts.

Chris Hemsworth | 7 Superhero Actors Being Real-Life Heroes | Zestradar

4. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is like a real superheroine who attends charity events and uses a hands-on approach to help people in need. In 2016, Scarlett, along with Sugar for Sugar, recorded a collection of covers, The Time Is Now, and all the proceeds from it were directed to the fight against AIDS. Wait, you didn’t know she makes music too? Well, how awkward, but now you do.

Scarlett Johansson | 7 Superhero Actors Being Real-Life Heroes | Zestradar

5. Mark Ruffalo

Mark is a very passionate environmentalist and not only supports many “green” (get it?) organizations but also founded one of his own called Water Defense, which aims to fight water pollution in urban areas. The actor received the prestigious Humanitarian Award in 2014 and even today keeps constantly holding various competitions and events to draw attention to environmental issues.

Mark Ruffalo | 7 Superhero Actors Being Real-Life Heroes | Zestradar

6. Angelina Jolie

Of all the stars who are constantly involved in charity work, Angelina has probably succeeded the most. For a long time, she acted as an ambassador of goodwill for the United Nations Refugee Organization and took part in many charity events. Despite her jam-packed schedule, the actress visits hot spots to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need. She has traveled to Syria and Jordan, Kosovo, Pakistan, and Iran. She adopted two children from third-world countries and, together with her ex-husband, created her own Jolie/Pitt Foundation, which finances the Doctors Without Borders program. She’s an angel in the flesh.

Angelina Jolie | 7 Superhero Actors Being Real-Life Heroes | Zestradar

7. Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson invests a lot of money in the political problems of various countries. She is an activist for the Lower East Side Girls Club, Stay Close, and Amnesty International. Dawson is committed to helping Africans and Hispanics, both in America and abroad. The actress also implements various programs that would help improve the economic situation of African countries, including popularizing traditionally crafted fabrics from Ghana.

Rosario Dawson | 7 Superhero Actors Being Real-Life Heroes | Zestradar

8. Tom Holland

Not all heroes wear capes. Actually, you don’t even need a Spider-Man costume to do good in this world, and Tom is living proof of that. He appears at plenty of charity events, and one time in Hawaii, he rushed to help a young lady who collapsed unconscious. If this is not enough, know that Tom’s volunteered in the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, where he used his uncanny charisma and the power of positivity to cheer up sick kids. Actual hero this one.

Tom Holland | 7 Superhero Actors Being Real-Life Heroes | Zestradar
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