Fifteen Normal Mix-ups That Ladies Make When Wearing Stockings

Stockings are an essential closet staple that each lady ought to have. Yet, there are sure legging socially awkward act which you ought to never submit. Here are the top errors to keep away from when you're wearing that very comfortable pair of stockings. 

1. Try not to go excessively sheer 

At the point when you purchase modest tights or ones that arrive in a multipack, that bad quality value implies that they'll clearly be seen through. Particularly on the off chance that they're white or delicately shaded. There's nothing more awful than having other bystanders understand what sort of clothing you're wearing, and what shading it is. More costly, greater stockings will be more strong hued and merit the cost.

2. They’re not jeans, so don’t treat them like they are 

It might be tempting to wear leggings instead of your jeans every day, but if they undergo the same wear and tear of denims, they’ll inevitably rip or get holes since they aren’t as durable.

3. Don’t pair them with a tight look 

Unless you’re going to a late night party and rocking this look with heels or thigh highs, this is generally a no no. Leggings already contour to your body, so if you do any curve hugging beyond that, it’s a bit too much. Plus, they aren’t the most comfortable to wear, especially if that shirt is constantly riding up. Instead, opt for a loose tee or turtleneck. If you want to bare some midriff, go for a loose crop top or crop sweater.

4. Say no to metallic

These leggings had a moment in the early and mid 2000s, but today, they’re a serious fashion faux pas. Shiny leggings are unflattering, creating  bulges  and adding an overwhelming vibe to any outfit. Say no to metallic golds, silvers, and neons. Rather than this outdated style, for an opaque, solid color — black is always foolproof.

5. No undies with visible hemlines

While you have the right to be comfortable, try to invest in bikini style panties with less visible hemlines, or a seamless design. These can be more comfortable than opting for a thong, which can feel extremely restricting to the body when you’re already wearing leggings.

6. Don’t buy leggings that bunch at the ankle

Leggings that gather at the ankle look unkempt, shabby, and poorly fitting. Buy ones that properly mold to your body type and your height. Look at seam length before your purchase, if possible. Additionally, leggings that are too cropped don’t look cute either.

7. Thinking they’re only workout or house pants 

Leggings are so much more than just a pair of pants to work out in or wear around the house. They’re less constricting than jeans, and can look casual or elegant. Celebs frequently wear leggings, and that’s because they’re incredibly comfortable and versatile. Try them on with heels and you’ll see what we mean. 

8. Not wearing high waisted leggings 

With low riding leggings, you feel as though you’re constantly pulling  up your pants. Beyond that, high waisted leggings are a more flattering and versatile look, sucking in your tummy and allowing you to wear with shorter tops or a bralette.

9. Wearing under skirts or dresses

Just like metallic leggings, this style is very outdated. It’s visually confusing, and an excessively layered  look that is a little too conservative, aging the wearer significantly.

10. Wearing with a bodysuit

It’s not the 80s or a “Let’s Get Physical” music video, so let’s just say this aerobics inspired look is out. Instead, pair with slouchy sweatshirts and sneakers for a more modern update on the look. Plus, the panty lines from a non-thong body suit are not cute.

11. Skip the loud colors

Sometimes, leggings can look high end when it’s done in color, but most of the time, it’s best to keep things subtle. And definitely don’t go for a distracting and busy print. Doing so can give you that 80s workout look — not in a good way — and overwhelm the rest of your outfit.

12. Never white

Any woman who wears white leggings is a very bold woman. The smallest dirt and spill will be magnified ten-fold on white leggings. The light color also brings out ever dimple, wrinkle, and fold, and if you ever wear self tanner, that’s a whole other story.

13. Nothing that looks like your natural skin color

We’ve all seen the Kardashians do it, and when it’s non-designer leggings, this faux pas looks even worse. Any color that mimics your skin tone will make it look like you are not wearing pants. We’ve all seen it, and it’s a starting optical illusion. 

14. Don’t go too monochromatic

A monochromatic look can sometimes be classy, but when it’s worn with leggings and done in anything but all black, it can kind of look like a matching gym set, which isn’t always attractive in certain contexts. To update your look from workout appropriate to casual chic, combine plain ol’ leggings with non-lycra panties in coordinated colors. 

15. Washing leggings with hot water

This is more about taking care of your leggings rather than styling them, but washing your leggings with hot water all the time will lead them to age faster, losing their stretch, shrink or lose color over time. Stick to cold water, and never experience leggings that fade or lose their shape. 


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