8 Deadliest Sci-Fi Monsters

 Science fiction can sometimes border on the edge of pure fantasy in how little they pay attention to the first part of their genre. And while attempts are made to somehow cement these over the top creatures in some sort of scientific framework, you don’t need a PhD in biology to see right through it.

But let’s be honest here: we don’t quite care. We’ll watch those movies and enjoy them. Especially if the monster is exceptionally lethal, which just adds to the tension of the movie. Let’s take a look at some of these deadly science fiction monsters.

A Sharknado

Tornadoes are lethal on land, sharks are lethal at sea. One could argue that the horrible quality of the Sharknado movies cost more lives than an actual Sharknado ever could, but for now we can pretty much all agree that a tornado made of sharks doesn’t sound like a fun time at all.

8 Deadliest Sci-Fi Monsters | Brain Berries


Robots created for no other reason than to wipe out humanity. Hell, they even get sent back in time to wipe out specific humans to make their entire global conquest a lot easier in the future. But then they also get sent back in time to protect us. Don’t ask too many questions, it’s all just time travel shenanigans anyway.

8 Deadliest Sci-Fi Monsters #2 | Brain Berries


You know what’s worse than actual bugs? Man-sized bugs, swarming entire planets. Most arachnid sci-fi movies aren’t exceptionally popular and turn out looking more like B-movies (lookin’ at you, Starship Troopers), but they’re no less lethal. They can wipe out an entire planet in no time at all, and are usually part of a hive that’s notoriously difficult to destroy.

8 Deadliest Sci-Fi Monsters #3 | Brain Berries

Indominus Rex

You know what you get when you make a T-Rex even more lethal? Regret and civilian casualties, that’s what. Just ask the guys that created this monstrosity in Jurassic World. Well, not specifically that guy as he showed zero regret in having created it, but ask the people that were at the park at the moment it broke free. Whichever ones survived, that is.

8 Deadliest Sci-Fi Monsters #4 | Brain Berries

The Blob

While it looks more comical than threatening, all The Blob does is slowly dissolve everything it comes into contact with. It may be lacking in the creativity department, but that doesn’t make this monster any less lethal or scary.


More specifically: machines keeping humans in pods to use them as fuel for their industrious processes, all while making said humans believe they’re living actual lives while they’re stuck in a very elaborate simulation program. Yes, that’s basically what The Matrix boils down to.

8 Deadliest Sci-Fi Monsters #6 | Brain Berries


The most famous Kaiju – I’m sure that’s just Japanese for “really big monster” – being Godzilla, these creatures have always had some difficulty breaking sci-fi territory. In Pacific Rim, an attempt was made to add a more scientific layer to their presence and method of demise, but it’s still iffy at best. They’re cool to look at, though!

8 Deadliest Sci-Fi Monsters #7 | Brain Berries


Probably the best known sci-fi monster, these aliens are also some of the most deadly. It’s not the fact that they’re inherently strong and agile, or the fact that their tail can pierce pretty much anyone. It’s not because their blood is basically a boiling acid or that they’re masters of stealth. It’s not because of the fact that they lay eggs inside you that’ll pop out of your chest cavity. It’s because they’re all of these things, combined.

8 Deadliest Sci-Fi Monsters #8 | Brain Berries
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