12 Workout and Fitness Tips for Winter

Working out in the winter can feel like a drag. The days are getting shorter, it’s cold and the weather can be pretty awful. Combine all that with a classic case of winter blues and all you really want to do is come home and curl up under a blanket with a warm cup of tea or hot cocoa. But you shouldn’t stop exercising just because of the weather. In fact, exercising in the winter will help you feel much better and more energized than if you just sit at home in front of the TV. And all you really need is about 30 mins a day. Here are some workout and fitness tips for winter that should help you not fall off the wagon and keep yourself looking fit even in the winter.

1. Plan Ahead
First things first – you have to plan to workout. Literally schedule it into your weekly or even daily routine. Don’t wait until inspiration strikes, it’s not very likely to happen in the beginning. You just have to make a schedule for yourself and keep your priorities straight.

2. Get Nice Winter Workout Gear
If you like running outside during the warmer months there’s no need to deprive yourself just because it’s winter. Get yourself running shoes with a good grip, thermal workout gear that’s bright and cheerful, and go running.


3. Forget About Old Baggy Clothes
It’s very appealing to just wear your old baggy sweatpants and hoodie around the house, but don’t do it. If you wear something like that you’re not gonna want to workout, you’ll just lounge on the sofa. Instead go for form fitting clothes. It’ll motivate you to get moving.

4. Workout In The Morning
Since the days are short in the winter it’s better to workout in the morning. When the sun is still up and you’re more likely to have energy. Let’s be real, you will not be in the mood to workout in the evening, after work, when it’s pitch black outside.

5. Get A Workout Buddy
If you’re prone to winter blues you can’t rely just on yourself for motivation and accountability. Get yourself a workout buddy – a friend, a relative, maybe your partner or kid. Someone who will keep you company, keep you accountable and make you go exercise with them on days you’re lazy and don’t feel like it.

6. Sign Up For A Class
If you find an interesting class at the gym – sign up for it and make it your priority to never skip it. That way you’ll get at least a couple of workouts a week for sure. Fly yoga, or kickboxing or cycling are all good options.

7. Keep It Fun
While it’s important to keep up with the workouts and make them a part of your daily life, it’s also important to keep it fun. So don’t forget to switch it up. Yoga on Mondays, running on Tuesdays, Zumba on Wednesdays, weight lifting on Thursdays and a salsa dance on Friday. Now doesn’t that sound like fun?

8. Sneak in Activities
You might not feel like shopping is a workout but you can easily do 10K steps on a good shopping spree. Add all the trying on and taking off clothes, carrying a massive load of jumpers on hangers around the shop and holding all your belongings in the line to the changing room and you’ve got yourself a workout without realizing it. Same with vacuuming and mopping, or arranging furniture around your home.

9. Make Your Outings Count
When you’re going out on the weekend choose things that are fun and will make you move more. Instead of going to the pub or a bar with friends – offer to go rollerblading, bowling, wall climbing or even DDR at the arcade center. It’ll be way more fun, you’ll wake up your inner child and you won’t just be sitting there.

10. Eat A Varied Diet
Everyone knows that looking fit isn’t just about exercise. You have to make sure you’re eating well too. It’s fuel for your body. So try not to get into a rut with your food. Don’t just eat mac and cheese every day. Instead try to load up on veggies and have fruit as snacks or desserts. You’ll feel way more awake and energized if you eat well.

11. Keep Exercise Equipment Close To Your Couch
Out of sight – out of mind, it’s true for workouts too. You’re not very likely to remember to exercise while you’re binge watching your favorite show. Now if you keep your little weights or resistance bands next to your couch – that’s a whole different story. Try to do at least 6 minute workouts in between show episodes. It’s better than nothing.

12. Winter Sports
Winter sports are great ways to workout. If you like skiing or snowboarding you’re already streets ahead. But if you’re a novice even sledging or having a snowball fight or building a snowman is exercise – so do it. Also, walking in the snow burns almost double the calories of normal walking, so consider some long walks too.
Source: zestradar.com

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