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Home> Home department store>🔥🔥Last day promotion ! TODAY ONLY $17.89 !!Soleman: World's Advanced Notepad.
🔥🔥Last day promotion ! TODAY ONLY $17.89 !!Soleman: World's Advanced Notepad.

🔥🔥Last day promotion ! TODAY ONLY $17.89 !!Soleman: World's Advanced Notepad.

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US$ 17.89
Only one Preferential two Exciting three
  • Soleman: World's Most Advanced Notepad.
  • Built-in Universal Powerbank, Solar Panels, global Wifi Hotspot, Wireless Fast Charging.

Meet Soleman

Nowadays technology is taking over. There are separate gadgets for every possible occasion, work, productivity and leisure. With Soleman you only need to have 1 Gadget!

 This unique notepad is equipped with multiple solar panels both on the outside and inside, wireless power bank, global Wifi Hotspot, fully eco-friendly paper and high end fabric.

Compact and Powerful

Soleman will be your portable Working Station on the Go. Thanks to its unique design and productive features with Soleman you will always have what you need. It is perfect for portable and on the go work.

Thanks to its design Soleman will always be charged for you. In just 1 hour of solar light your Soleman will be charged for up to 3800 mAh. Don’t bother, take Soleman with you and you would not even notice how fast you are juiced to the fullest!

Charge Anything!!!

Soleman has enough power to charge up to 5 devices simultaneously. The 12000 mAh battery will ensure that not only you but your friends will have charge in Your essential devices.

Thanks to the universal magnetic cable that comes with your Soleman you can make sure that all type of devices will be charged. Rotating connector design allows to more comfortable usage.

The Magnetic Connector Cable, makes Soleman applicable to Apple, Android and Windows devices. 1 Soleman can charge all possible devices. The Soleman will be there in the time of need.

Fastest Wireless Charging

Compared to the Qi chargers, Soleman has a clear edge. With the custom developed extended power profile the Soleman gives wireless charging twice faster than most Qi chargers available in the market.

Soleman brings fully functioning surface of QI! Put your stuff on any part of the surface and get your charge within counted minutes. All of the surface is your charging pad!


Wifi everywhere

With Soleman no more delayed Skype calls, canceled downloads or uncomfortable cellular payment.  The embed Hotspot would ensure you always have that internet connection in the time of need.

High End Materials

As a fabric, Soleman is made from moisture-wicking, antibacterial, easily blended and degradable material. The special natural fabric is durable. The colour of Soleman is made for everyone so it can match with all clothes and outfits.

Top notch design solutions as well as durable materials in the inside make Soleman a thing of beauty. Equipped with, eco-friendly paper, multiple pockets, 5 solar panels and 12000 mAh li-ion batteries.

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